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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

6 Shot To Death In Culiacan In The Last Few Hours: Sinaloa

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was reposted and translated from LUZ NOTICIAS 

The last two occurred in Villa Bonita and Punta Azul.


Two men were shot to death in different parts of the city on Wednesday morning.

The bodies were found near Villa Bonita and Punta Azul.

With these deaths, six people have been killed in the last few hours.

The first body was located when it was indicated that a person was dead on the outskirts of the Villa Bonita neighborhood.

Upon arrival, the State Preventive agents found a man wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans in a vacant lot.

In addition, his hands were bound with tape.

The support of personnel from the Public Prosecutor's Office was requested.

The second victim was found on the edge of the canal that connects to Las Torres Boulevard in the Punta Azul sector.

He is a young man with a light brown complexion, of regular build, and wearing a black polo shirt and dark pants.

State Preventive agents limited the area for the investigating agents.

The authorities indicated that from Monday night to Tuesday morning 6 people have been executed in the sectors of:

Los Angeles.

Rafael Buelna.

San Benito.

Felipe Angeles.

Villa Bonita

Punta Azul.

All of them were killed by gunshots.



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