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Friday, December 8, 2023

National Guard In Reynosa Captured "El Bebote" Son Of Former Gulf Cartel Reynosa Leader "El Gafe" Without Realizing It

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from VALOR TAMAULIPECO 

A high-ranking criminal of the Gulf Cartel in Reynosa and two of his cronies, identified by the National Guard authorities only as Mario Alberto "B", has a long criminal record that seems to be unknown to the federal forces, which could be taken advantage of by the State Delegation of the Attorney General's Office to "lend a hand".

But the criminal, caught by the GN on top of a Jeep Rubicon van and without the need to "kill" him, has been identified as the "son" of Francisca de la Fuente alias "La Bruja" and Tiburcio Fuentes Garcia, former leader of the Gulf Cartel, nicknamed "GAFE".

El "bebote" was captured last night at 20:40 hrs, with two more gunmen in possession of 4 firearms, two .223 cal. rifles and one more known as "Cuerno de Chivo", as well as a 9mm pistol, in addition to magazines and cartridges.

According to the National Registry of arrests, the subject was arrested yesterday at 20:40 hrs in the Miraloma Residence in Reynosa by members of the National Guard and is already at the disposal of Ernesto Vazquez Reyna, corrupt Delegate of the Attorney General's Office of the Republic, whose life as a rich man with a miserable salary has been exhibited.

The "secrecy and silence of his arrest", could be being considered to execute a bribe and set him free, as already pointed out in the social networks.

@MASFELONA X account," The National Guard yesterday laid its hands on the "Bebote" son of the famous GAFE who led the CDG in Reynosa and they say that the corrupt FGR are already negotiating it."

Who is the "Bebote"?

In August 2019, the gunmen of the so-called "Comandante Bebote" were linked to the shooting attack of Horacio García Rojas, the "Carmonista who served as an official of the Secretary of Health in Tamaulipas who was shot at along with a woman he was accompanying when they were traveling along the dangerous Reynosa-San Fernando highway in a white pickup truck with Tamaulipas license plates.

According to EL Universal, the assassins of "Bebote" who attacked him were traveling on board two vehicles almost arriving at the González Villarreal intersection and close to the gas station located in "El Moquetito".

In 2015, while he was a Panista Senator of the Republic, Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca and his bodyguards suffered in the flesh the effects of the criminal leadership in Reynosa of Tiburcio Fuentes Garcia, alias "GAFE" when his bodyguards of military extraction were reduced and subdued by orders of the capo, who immediately let them go with Cabeza de Vaca's ego very hurt, but to date the inhabitants of Reynosa continue to suffer.


  1. More likely the FGR will release the guy due to the fact that an arrest warrant was not issued to detain him.
    Kind of like how Trump plays with laws by pushing their limits.

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    5. @1226 youre delusional. youre a cheerleader for a rich man who doesnt care about you. simp.

    6. Hate on 12:26 as much if you want and yeah i think he is a simpel minded individual as well. But the more you dive into biden the crazier it really gets. For americans it’s a question of choosing the president who is least corrupted by the establishment. Trump might be corrupt but he is not a beloved member of that same establishment

    7. 4:08 Trump is a member of the wealthy establishment that gives a flying fuck about the poor!
      Trump fights for the wealthy lien himself.
      Biden s economy is not the greatest? Trumps economy eliminates middle class Americans in the long run.
      In fact every Republican president since Reagan is fighting for this.
      Worried about the border?
      Come visit it yourself and see if it's as unsafe as you want to claim.

  2. Based on his last name, he seems to be the son-in-law of Gafe.

  3. What the hell is a Bebote?

  4. Are this guys metros in Reynosa?

  5. Do this guys hide out in RGV like the rich Mexicans and donate money to local candidates so their infiltrate like they already are in the Mexican government?


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