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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Chief Officer of Nuevo Casas Grandes is Executed

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Pedro Pablo Lara, Chief Officer of the city of Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, was ambushed and killed by an armed commando, reported the office of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE).

The armed attack happened around 9AM today, December 13, 2023 when he was inside his vehicle right outside his house in the Juan Pablo neighborhood and was planning to attend a city council meeting.

The body of Lara was found inside his vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds. According to neighbors, the gunmen fired more than 200 rounds at him while inside his car. Lara was named Chief Officer of the city just a couple of weeks ago.

The governor of the State of Chihuahua, María Eugenia Campos Galván, speculated that the execution of the Lara was a consequence of the dark alliances made by the previous administration.

Cynthia Marina Ceballos, the former Chief Officer of Nuevo Casas Grandes, was arrested a few weeks ago for corruption and collusion with organized crime.

This year Adrián LeBarón denounced irregularities in Nuevo Casas Grandes. LeBarón is a leader of a mormon community in the region.

Last July, Adrián LeBarón posted through his social media networks that organized crime groups have taken some control in the city of Nuevo Casas Grandes. LeBarón pointed out that Cynthia Ceballos is a “jefa de plaza” of the city and indicated that the former Mayor was told “plata o plomo?” (silver or lead) as reproted by El Heraldo de Chihuahua.

The New Juárez Cartel are known to operate in Nuevo Casas Grandes.

Sedena identifies as the leader of the New Juárez Cartel as Silverio Fuentes or Silverio Carrillo, who is known to maintain an alliance with the street gangs of Los Aztecas and La Empresa. They have also known to have alliances with other street gangs that often switch sides with the Sinaloa Cartel, such as Los Mexicles, Artistas Asesinos and Los Carnales.

The Gente Nueva, under the command of CDS, are also known to have a presence in the region.

Sources: El Universal, Reforma, Somos Juarez, El Heraldo de Chihuahua and government officials.


  1. Dang it I was hoping to see brains

  2. Probably better off picking vegetables in Redding, CA or working construction in let’s say, Woodburn,Oregon or any other shit town than getting capped in shit-town chilango ville for being mayor.

    1. And in Mexico they think we are slaves , but really we chilling we don’t have to worry about not goofy trying to extort or kidnap us for crumbs . (I work construction in nyc)

    2. 10:04:
      They're not calling him mayor. They are saying that he was appointed by the mayor. I'm thinking along the line of something like city manager is the closest job title in the U.S. to his position. He does have a security background which suggests that he may be a security director. It sounds as if he is a senior administrator whose job title has no equivalency in the U.S.
      I agree with you that he would be better off picking vegetables in California or blueberries in Oregon. It simply doesn't pay to be an honest official in Mexico.
      It is nice to see you post something Buggs.

    3. Who's to say he was an honest official. You don't just get whacked with 200 rounds for the fuck of it in Mexico. Especially in that region. Linea operates there so maybe this guy wanted to bring outside influence in.

    4. @8:02 this mayor was probably working with los lobos

  3. La Linea main plaza

    1. Yeah. Whenever something bad like this goes down it's La Linea plaza.
      If people had died in a shootout then Sinaloa kiss asses would claim Sinaloa is there and taking over or already has!

    2. Nuevo casa grandes always been linea plaza. They got casa grandes on lock they abuse the people there.

    3. Bro cds kills police all the time 9:46

    4. Just said in newspaper he was taken out for being involved with organized crime.
      He was no innocent.

  4. Pinches linieros valen verga. No soy fanatico de la gente muerte digo nueva pero los dos han tenido un cagadero en el eatado grande. Desde que amado el sinaloense tomo control desde ahi valio madre

  5. Los carnales are the same thing as aztecas que no?


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