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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Clash Between National Guard And Armed Civilians Generates Blockades In Jalisco. On December 19, 2023.

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from NOROESTE 


On Tuesday afternoon, a blockade was reported on the Guadalajara-Tepatitlán highway.

Elements of the National Guard and armed civilians clashed with gunfire in the town of San José de las Flores, municipality of Zapotlanejo, which led to blockades on the Guadalajara-Tepatitlán highway on Tuesday afternoon.

"The National Guard carried out a security operation that resulted in a chase and confrontation against alleged members of organized crime on the highway to Zapotlanejo, as well as the seizure of two vehicles, cartridges, and tactical equipment," informed the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro.

The State President explained that the state police joined in to support the federal officers and reinforce surveillance, both by air and land, where two stretches of road were blocked: Acatic-Tepatitlán, at kilometer 24, and on the Acatic-Tepatitlán free highway.

"The roads have already been freed, however, the search actions to find those responsible continue. It is important to take precautionary measures, give way to emergency vehicles, and keep informed only by official means," Alfaro informed through his social networks.

The Jalisco Security Secretariat announced that on the Acatic-Tepatitlán highway, a cargo vehicle was found on fire, while three vehicles were found on the Acatic-Tepatitlán free highway.

On Wednesday, the Governor of Jalisco posted again on his social networks about the high-impact events of Tuesday.

"Since very early in the morning we have been reviewing security issues in coordination with the three levels of government. Regarding yesterday's events, you need to know that order has been re-established and that everything is proceeding normally both in Tepatitlán and in the Altos Sur region".

"In this morning's meeting, the decision was made to maintain and reinforce the presence of the authorities in the municipality and the region. The good work that is being done and the operations of the three orders of government are generating these reactions, but we will not let up, we will continue on this path to guarantee the peace and security of the people of Jalisco," reads the statement.


  1. Los train del culo alos del CJNG en su propio estado 😂

  2. Meanwhile, in Texas and Chicago

  3. Los altos mandos de cjng embalsaron al mencho ya muerto y mandan mensajes con videos ya pre grabados a subbordidados paque el CJNG siga operando el mencho dejo cientos de audios y videos ya grabados

  4. No que muy buenos pues. Arriba el ejercito!

    1. No valen verga los del ejercito tampoco. Bola de ratas mierdas so peores que los carteles.


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