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Monday, December 11, 2023

CJNG Hitman, Alleged Killer Of Federal Judge And His Wife, As Well As Of A local Congresswoman, Killed in Colima

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This article was translated and reported from ZETA TIJUANA 


Photo: The federal judge and his wife / Taken from the social network Facebook.

Jaime "N" alias "El Alacrán", one of the alleged murderers of the District Judge Specialized in the Accusatory Criminal System in the Federal Criminal Justice Center in the State of Colima, Uriel Villegas Ortiz and his wife Verónica Barajas Guerra -on June 16, 2020-, as well as Francis Anel Bueno Sánchez, local deputy of the Morena party in the local Congress -on April 29 of the same year-, were executed on December 1, 2023, at the intersection of Camotlán and Media Luna streets, in the Las Haciendas neighborhood, in the capital of said entity.

Sources quoted by the newspaper Reforma informed that upon identifying the corpse -which presented multiple bullet impacts-, the local authorities confirmed that it was the alleged hitman member of the Jalisco Cartel New Generation (CJNG) who was tried for the murder of the judge, his wife and the local legislator.

According to the unofficial version -cited by the same national newspaper-, a group of armed subjects approached him while "El Alacrán" was walking, and then shot him and fled, and so far no one has been reported as responsible for the crime.

Uriel Villegas Ortiz - District Judge Specialized in the Accusatory Criminal System in the Federal Criminal Justice Center in the State of Colima - and his wife Veronica Barajas Guerra, were murdered inside their home located in the Real Vista Hermosa neighborhood, in the capital of Colima, on June 16, 2020, by a group of armed men.

The judge handled cases related to drug trafficking. As head of the Sixth District Court in Federal Criminal Proceedings, in 2018 he ordered the transfer from Jalisco to the Federal Center for Social Readaptation (CEFERESO) No. 13 -located in Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, Oaxaca- of Rubén Oseguera González, alias "El Menchito" -son of Michoacan drug lord Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, 'El Mencho', leader of the CJNG-, before he was extradited to the United States.

Villegas Ortiz had been transferred from Jalisco in January 2020, although he took office as a federal judge on February 1 of that same year. According to local media, he had recently rented the house where he lived with his wife, his two minor daughters, and a woman who worked with them.

Around 11:15 a.m. on June 16, 2020, a group of armed men entered the house located on Leon Felipe Street, which was adjacent to the facilities of the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM).

Present at the scene of the homicide were the couple's two daughters, aged approximately 3 and 7 years, as well as the woman who worked with the murdered couple. According to the media Estación Pacífico, neighbors of the place testified that a day before they saw the federal judge walking "calmly around his block, with one of his daughters and his pet".

In the garage of the house - which had no door and was easily accessible from the street - a white Mazda pickup truck with Jalisco license plates was left. Also parked in front of the gray door of the house was a red Nissan pick-up truck, also with Jalisco plates, with the driver's side window broken by bullet impacts.

Since he was an acting federal judge, the corresponding investigation was carried out by the Attorney General's Office (FGR). Likewise, the then president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldívar Lelo de Larrea, confirmed and condemned the murder of Villegas Ortiz and his wife.

During the virtual session of the plenary of the SCJN, the presiding minister of the highest constitutional court announced the double homicide. Likewise, Zaldívar Lelo de Larrea expressed, on behalf of the Federal Judicial Power (PJF), his rejection of violence.

The presiding minister of the SCJN demanded the competent authorities their support to guarantee the safety of federal judges and their families, as well as to determine the corresponding responsibilities for the double crime. He indicated that the PJF would review the measures available to the judges.

Zaldívar Lelo de Larrea expressed a "No to violence!", and said that the way to solve the country's problems had to be through law and democracy. He also emphasized that it was the State's responsibility to guarantee the safety of all Mexicans, especially those who risked their lives to ensure justice.

"The FGR fully assumes its competence in the investigation of the murder of the Federal Judge, in the city of Colima, and his wife. From this moment on, the corresponding investigations are initiated, requesting from the government of the state of Colima, through its Secretary of Public Security, the State Prosecutor's Office, the National Guard and the National Intelligence Center (CNI), all the necessary information and support," said the Attorney General's Office in a statement.

On the other hand, on June 3, 2023, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed the murder of Francis Anel Bueno Sánchez, local deputy of the legislative group of the Morena party in the Congress of Colima, who had been reported as deprived of her freedom on April 29 of the same year.

The body of the local legislator was found on June 2, 2020, in a clandestine grave, along with the bodies of municipal police officers who were reported missing on the last day of May of that same year.

"To express my condolences to the relatives of a legislator from Colima who was kidnapped and yesterday her body was found in a clandestine grave," said the national president, during his morning press conference.

"I want to express my condolences to her family and say that in the morning we were presented with a report of detainees who participated in this crime," said the head of the Federal Executive Power, from the Treasury Room of the National Palace.

López Obrador highlighted that the investigations regarding the kidnapping and murder of the local deputy would be in charge of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) of Colima and revealed that there was already a detainee for this fact.

"The investigation on the murder of the legislator is in charge of the State Prosecutor's Office [...] we still do not know the causes, the only thing we know is that there is a detainee and there is already a statement blaming those responsible", added the politician from Tabasco.

Bueno Sánchez was deprived of her freedom, on April 29, 2020, in the municipality of Ixtlahuacán, by a group of armed men, while she was promoting sanitation work. "El Alacrán" remained in prison for a little more than a year and was later released.

🚨WARNING: Graphic photo of CJNG hitman "El Alacran" shared on X.🚨

LaMasakr3 on X, "📸 #Colima capital. A man was shot in the Francisco Villa." 




  1. Mexican justice at its finest. No need to house them in jails and feed them with tax money. Just shot them on the streets and let the dogs and rats have dinner.

    1. What justice? The ones who likely ordered that judges murder likely ordered his… and got away with both.

    2. nope, its not a sprint but a marathon. It takes time, they will get killed too, either by their own people, semar or the contras.

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      Rubio NYC

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  4. So the thinking is the murder of the judge and his wife is related to the transfer of Menchos son?

    1. In other words, the judge did not take the bribe.

  5. Justice has not been served yet until the one that ordered gets prison sentence or a hail of bullets on his chest

    1. Easier said than done to capture El Mencho.He Has at least couple of Miniguns and Ma Deuces and who knows what else, and they have already shot Army's Chopper down, and forced several others to land, with just their RPG-7's..

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