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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Hitmen Who Dismember Their Victims Kill Man In The Hacienda Universidad Neighborhood

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Male Reporter: Two men from the criminal group Artistas Asesinos were linked to trial for the murder of a man in the Hacienda De Las Torres Universidad neighborhood. The suspects are Jonathan Eduardo C.B. aka El Lalo and Ezequiel M.H. aka El Cheke. 

On the 29th of November they arrived at the home of their victim's house where they attacked him with a knife and decapitated him. Afterward, they calmly abandoned his body at the intersection of Libramiento Regional Street and Independence Boulevard in the El Mezquital neighborhood. 

In addition to this twenty five other victims which were brutally beheaded and dismembered are attributed to them. There has also been talk involving two cases of them removing their victims hearts. In which they preserve them for an unusual setting. 

This might possibly have something to do with a ritual. And it just represents a message that they’re trying to make. Something that they want the rest of their criminal opponents to see. 

Edgar: The authorities also detailed that these guys were initially an armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel who were fighting against the Mexicles gang. But when an internal change took place they separated. And now the Artistas Asesinos, Doble A, or AA act independently. 

Thank you for your report sir. 

Hacienda De Las Torres Universidad neighborhood
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

El Mezquital neighborhood
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua 

Intersection of Libramiento Regional Street and Independence Boulevard in the El Mezquital neighborhood
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

Canal 44


  1. What was the internal change that led the AA to separate from the Sinaloa cartel? Anyone know? Was it when Chapo got extradited?


    1. No. These guys are still Sinaloa affiliated. There is zero indication that they actually left. They would not survive long in Juarez without a cartel affiliation considering Mexicles gang for example has around three to four thousand members and Empresa gang has another five or more thousand and Aztecas around three to five thousand more. All these gangs enemies of these AA asses not mentioning La Linea cartel with an unknown number of associates also. These AA guys have been said to have less than around one thousand members only.
      Juarez newspapers actually state that a woman in charge of a cell of hitman for that gang is a Satanic follower that leads her to seek dismemberment of their rivals.
      No matter what Juarez is a shit hole because La Linea allowed this for betraying Aztecas and trying to control all the gangs in Juarez. They can't.

    2. I agree linea fuked up betraying aztecas. Then they come out with bullshit la empresa. Now for dumbasses sinaloa has a tighter grip on juarez

    3. La Linea pulled back from Astecas because of the heat coming from the kidnappings, sex trafficking and murders of young women of Juarez. La Linea certainly has dirty hands too.

    4. 2:21 La Linea pulled back from Aztecas because el pendejo de El Chuyin wanted PRM-Pura Raza Mexicana to run Juarez. This mentality comes from southern Chihuahua or those most likely to side with Sinaloa if Linea doesn't do this shit.
      They don't want pochos aka Americans causing shit in Mexican territory. Linea managed to persuade an Aztecas capo called 300 to start killing off other Aztecas unless they joined a new group called La Empresa made up of Mexicles and some AA and ex Aztecas together. Most Aztecas were not down to run with former enemies AA gang and Mexicles gang together.
      Thing is these Aztecas that started the gang in Juarez were not American but Mexican nationals that were deported to Juarez over the years but Mexican haters didn't care.
      Linea being a "line" of corrupt cops hired Aztecas to kidnap women for organ trafficking for the most part.
      This is why nobody was ever captured in women's killings except some idiot copy cat or fall guy type deal.

  2. Does anyone know if the Carrillo Fuentes clan still has any involvement with La Linea?

  3. Es que un tiempo a la línea les quitaron las armas en la época de Leyzaola. Poco a poco ya empezaron a volver agarrar poWer

    1. Y se la cobraron gachó al pendejo de Leyzaola .. no lo mataron pero si lo dejaron en silla de ruedas pa siempre .. púdrete pinche lacra

  4. This is the AA gang in Juarez and their affiliations with Sinaloa cartel.

  5. admin deberian postear una nota sobre este famoso que se libra de las autoridades cada ves que lo arrestan.


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