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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Banner Alleges Collusion Between CDG Grupo Escorpion & Tamaulipas Officials

 "Enojon" and "Char" For Borderland Beat 

Image Credit: LosBloqueados2 on Twitter (Digital version of banner) 

Two banners directed to Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, the Secretary of National Defense, claiming that two members of the Public Safety Secretariat of Tamaulipas are colluding with the ‘Grupo Escorpion’ cell of the Gulf Cartel were discovered on December 24th placed along a pedestrian bridge and near the Number 1 Predio Reforma Military Base in the Miguel Hidalgo community of Mexico City, Mexico.

The written communication alleges that Major Edgar Alfonzo Portillo Hernandez, the Director of Special Operations, was responsible for breaking an unknown truce and has maintained a relationship with the Grupo Escorpion cell along with General Sergio Hernando Chávez García ,the Secretary of Public Security of Tamaulipas. While urging Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, the Secretary of National Defense, to bring back peace to Tamaulipas. The message read: 

“Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval [González], we write this communication to make you aware that personnel of the Tamaulipas Secretariat of Public Security had broken a pact that existed to maintain Tamaulipas in peace, all for the ambition of Major [Edgar Alfonzo] Portillo [Hernandez] and possibly as well as possibly General [Sergio Hernando] Chávez [García] the Secretary of Public Security [of Tamaulipas], who since his arrival has done nothing good in the state as the violence has increased.

[I] make this call to you the Secretary [of National Defense] because we know there are active military personnel Secretariat of Public Security and we believe the majority to be colluding with the Scorpion Faction that is headed by Kena-19. We don’t want to mess with the government, please do your part with your personnel and bring back peace to the state of Tamaulipas.”

Video Credit: LosBloqueados2 on Twitter (Banner placed near the Number 1 Predio Reforma Military Base)

A video circulated on December 9th, of an alleged phone call between Major Portillo and José Alberto García Vilano 'La Kena' or 'Kena 19,' leader of the Grupo Escorpion cell, where they discuss an incursion into Mexico City with the hope of lifting pressure from the criminal organization and the situation in the conflict. Although, while the second individual in the call is attributed to Vilano no confirmation can be made, with local reports denying Vilano of being in the call or claiming it to be the voice of Ricardo Zuñiga Lopez or Sergio Guevara Vázquez 'El Ciego'. 

A translation is as follows: 

Video Credit: francisco (Alleged call between Major Portillo and Vilano) 

Portillo: And then I would imagine it would be the opening of the bridge

Vilano: Yes imagine so there would be, there would be

Portillo: unintelligible

Vilano: Yes truly, I imagine so there would be trust that things will be done the way they should right

Portillo: That’s right

Vilano: …If you want to run the operation let the [State] Guard leave us alone…so when we enter with our operation the [State] Guard will leave us alone and they will stay in their facility, in the end the [State] Guard is the [State] Guard.

Portillo: yes…the other thing, I imagine you’ll place the administrator

Vilano: yes, yes it’ll be one of the administrators

Portillo: To be on the same page

Vilano: That’s true, on that subject we’re the same and I'll talk to the friend El 25 who will manage it, he’s very in one way or another he can think about it and we can make movements to [Mexico City] so they’ll leave us [alone], note that they and the administrator don’t [slow down], they don’t notice anything but it’s not up to us rather its up to [Mexico City].

Portillo: Yes..that’s right, yes i’ll apply pressure there as well as it’s something that comes from the higher ups and i don’t..well if you want to unintelligible

Vilano: Yes

Portillo: I was thinking the same thing, I was saying it wasn’t convenient because fuel theft, well basically isn’t defendable.

Vilano: Yes, no no that..

Portillo: It’s not defendable or is it?

Vilano: Unintelligible

Portillo: Whatever operation that enters south to north, north to south, or towards the central [region] the people will have to be moved. No… only [gas theft] effectively no.

Vilano: Yes it doesn’t make sense, that we can leave as an option if they notice that it doesn’t…

Portilo: If they didn’t want the bridge

Vilano: Yes if they didn’t want the bridge

Portilo: If not to…

Vilano: if they didn’t want the bridge

Portilo: If not for having the bridge in between

Vilano: Yes, of course

Portilo: Okay then

Portilo: What I wanted to have clear is how everything will be done for me to tell this person, yesterday I was told by…

Vilano: Straight to the point

Portillo: Yes directly, because he’d tell me no there’s further interests and i’d ask what interests? [And he would say] no well, you know that the bridges and the… [and i’d say] oh yea I understand

Vilano: laughing

Portillo: No it's that…

Vilano: It’s that we…is that, the truth is..i’m going to tell you something friend we were really susceptible to, they know…they practically leaned us to that, they leaned us to that because we were defenseless.

Vilano: We couldn’t fight the Navy and they gave us an ugly dance and you know that you supported us, the Navy had us real susceptible and I had to defend myself in one way or another and it wasn’t with bullets…

Vilano: Give us a hand and go over to [Mexico City] and go with the friend we have over there a partner, without being aggressive give them a shout out.

Portillo: Aha

Vilano: And the friend started moving over there, same with El 25 and they came to me with the news that they wouldn’t let them borrow this, we accomplished this, and i said soon we’ll go soon we’ll go and fight them there.

Vilano: We’ll fight this so no more resources will enter…and we won that there and they loosened up a bit but they remained there, but [fighting] is not the same there as [fighting] on the bridges it's a resource they were destined to the war.

Portillo: That’s right

Vilano: But…

Portilo: Being there already I believe the convenient people are [already there] to prevent or even cut one of the routes to prevent surprises while being over there

Portillo: Because, yesterday I noticed that they are bringing people from Sinaloa. It's what I was telling the friend from the valley…

Vilano: Unintelligible

Portillo: They’re saying this and this guy we stopped is saying this, that they’re people from Sinaloa…

Vilano: Unintelligible

Portillo: That the operators of Jalisco have already pulled back, supposedly over [fuel theft], that they were going to come over the [fuel theft] and that it's all that’s left…

Vilano: Wait a bit they’re giving me news that…look friend is there any way you can launch an operation right now to give us a hand there by…

Portillo: Unintelligible

Vilano: Where they’re putting the Infantry…there’s an element a monstruo [makeshift armored vehicle] they shut down, and another guy left me running saying they don’t want the monstruo captured


Although, a link between Grupo Escorpion and Tamaulipas security personnel has been hinted at before. The call follows the publishing of a video on October 22nd showing members of the Gulf Cartel's 'Los Metros' cell in front of a burning monstruo after a confrontation with their rival, Grupo Escorpion, where they claim the group had purchased the vehicles from the Public Security Special Operations Group (GOPES), a special unit in Tamaulipas. No official entity has commented on either claim as of yet.  

Video Credit: TampsNriesgo on Twitter (Los Metros members burning a monstruo) 

A translation is as follows: 

"We don't need the GOPES to buy us monstruos...Grupo Metros!" 

Images of individuals mentioned in the piece: 

José Alberto García Vilano 'La Kena' or 'Kena 19'

Image Credit: Hearst

Luis Gabriel Lopez Saldaña 'Scorpion 25' or 'Bravo 5'

Image Credit: Mariana59868375 on Twitter

Major Edgar Alfonzo Portillo Hernandez

Image Credit: LosBloqueados2 on Twitter  

Ricardo Zuñiga Lopez or Sergio Guevara Vázquez 'El Ciego,' 'Richy'  

Image Credit: Hearst 

Sources: Hyperlinked in text 


  1. Metros > escorpiones

    1. May primito give you besitos for saying that.

  2. Why they crying tho when they were the ones asking for help like lil bitches from cjng and cds

  3. Typical cjng whining 🤦‍♀️

  4. I had no idea Cartel works with Local politicos and military 😅😅 dia de los inocentes

  5. Cartel members snitching publicly on other cartel members, no shame.

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  8. Where does ZVE fit into the picture? Aren’t they allied with 🦂 right now too?

    1. No they betrayed the matamoros faction by helping the panteras and working with the metros. They started the current war.

  9. Matamoros
    Nuevo Laredo
    En esas plazas a los"locales" nunca los van a sacar . Nomas preguntele al CDS. Los de Jalisco se estan enterado por las malas

    1. En Nuevo Laredo sacaron a los Beltran leyva /sinaloa los chachos

    2. En Juarez sacaron los salguieros los salazares los chapos

    3. 10:34 en nectar lima todo lo que no es Z o Trevino's los sacan para afuera

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  11. Metros, Panteras, ZVE, and CJNG are allied right going against Escorpiones, Rojos CDG, Ciclones, and NorthEste? Then Los Pelones, Grupo sombra and old Rojo now part of CDS are all out of the state. All bec nobody wants to be less then the other smh.

  12. What else is new, most government curupt officials are in collusion with Cartels, they can't resist the bribes.

    1. Bribes or bullets?
      Plata o plomo?
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  14. What i can tell from the audio is that the 🦞 are broke and asking Major Portillo for help, cause kena is not giving him orders is more like trying to get him to work with the 🦞's, he even askes him very politely that if he could get the mounstro that they took from him back, but Portillo kinda doesnt want to get involved and changes the cobversation 😂 those damn 🦞 are done, benn hearing they are down to stealing cars and money from people in matamoros big time, they even kill the ones who dont have money and if you get lucky they will beat the shit out of you, even the women are getting jumped by this broke asses

    1. 🤦🏻‍♂️ they own a major border crossing and much of the State. They have the support of the state government that they helped get elected and paid money to and who in turn help them. They are not “broke.”

    2. 3:40 sure bud, in this recording La Kena is saying the complete opposite, he sounds desperate, trying to convince the Major to help him, but after this recording came out i highly daught that the mayor is gonna help them, " you think you can help us get the mounstro back"? 😂😂😂 crying for a mounstro, if thats not been broke i dont know what is 🤣🤣🤣

    3. 6:22 If they got Sedena working with them they are not broke. And he’s not asking for help, he’s asking if it couldbe done. He’s on the payroll .


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