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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Another Carbonized Body Found In Culiacan, Now In The Rosales Neighborhood

 "Char" for Borderland Beat

This article was translated and reposted VIVA LA VOZ LA NOTICIA DE HOY 

* In the vicinity of Secondary School ETI 50 of the Pyramid of Culture.


Culiacán, Sinaloa. The carbonized body of a person was found in a vacant lot located next to the ETI 50 High School located in the Pyramid of Culture in the Antonio Rosales neighborhood in the city of Culiacan, on Thursday morning.

The identity could not be known at the moment, nor the physical characteristics of the body because it was completely consumed by the flames.

At 08:30 hours an anonymous caller reported the discovery in a vacant lot located on Querétaro and General Ignacio Ramírez streets in the aforementioned neighborhood.

The body of a man was face down and had traces of garbage and burned tires on his body. Due to the conditions in which he was found, it was impossible to obtain more details about the victim, so he remained unknown at the SEMEFO (SEMEFO), making two men found dead and burned in the last two days. Just yesterday, Wednesday, December 13, in the Aguaruto syndicate, a man was found in the same criminal conditions.

Secondary School ETI 50 of the Pyramid of Culture: CULIACAN-SINALOA📍

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  1. Carbonized body with melted tires? Sounds like a painful death


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