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Monday, November 6, 2023

'You Guys Must’ve Crapped All Over Yourselves In Fear If You Have Baby Wipes In This Vehicle'

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An assassin from the Grupo Escorpión has released a video showing us an abandoned vehicle used by rivals in his area of operations. The broadcast is believed to have been recorded in the state of Tamaulipas. 

As a gunman for the armed wing of the Cartel del Golfo his communique goes out not just to their rivals. But to all law enforcement officials who dare to challenge them as well. 

Video translation is as follows:

You fucking Metros. Can’t you sons of bitches comprehend? Stop fucking coming here. Take a look at this here. You guys left for me an armored vehicle here. What exactly is going on with you guys? You fucking repentant Metros. Stop fucking off already. Don’t bring all these old vehicles around anymore. Once again your tires go flat and everyone runs the fuck away. 

This is some bullshit. You dogs already know. We’re the absolute Scorpion Group, the true Gulf Cartel. Stop fucking around already. You’re better off selling gum for a living instead of this. I’ve told you guys a thousand times. Don’t mess with Tamaulipas. Can’t you dogs comprehend this? You guys need to get the fuck out of here. 

Take a look at this. You guys are just abandoning all types of armored vehicles here. You’re all in the dark as to which operative group we actually are. It’s best that you guys get out of here. Otherwise, your worlds will go to shit. Stop bringing your old ass junk vehicles here. You fucking gang of cowards. Go ahead and bring me the GOPES (Tamaulipas Special Operations Group), Marines, or whoever. 

It’s all the same for me since they’re going to fuck themselves here. Ask those dogs how things went for them last night. You fucking piece of shit assholes. I’m not going to give you dogs my moniker until I have you guys in front of me. You fucking gang of dogs. Dogs! You assholes are nothing more than dogs. 

Take a look at this vehicle here. Armored. Along with some baby wipes on the inside of it for their asses. You guys must’ve crapped all over yourselves in fear if you have baby wipes in this vehicle. You assholes know damn well how things are out here. Keep fucking involving yourselves in this conflict. 



  1. Ive been all over Mexico but I wont go to Tamaulipas.

  2. Grupo escorpiones son mas marranos que los metros. Traen escuela de los zetas los jotos esos

    1. Nobody has killed more Metros than Metros, alot of backstabbing in that faction

    2. 7:55 Si wey, porque la gente de Moros se alinio con ZVE. Pareces nuevo, los unicos 🐷 que tienen cochinero en todo Mexico son esos Jalislacras que andan con las Metras 🤡🤦‍♂️

    3. El Primito?
      El es el unico Metro chingon ya no
      Los viejos Metros le sacatean

      Primito va a limpiar a Moros?
      Esta muy mal alli

  3. El verdadero cartel del golfo.

  4. This foo straight scared I'm not gonna tell you my name what they call me till I see you he's scared 😳 lol just mi opinion what do u guys think why wouldn't he give his clave

    1. 10:10 hay si tu muy machote 😂 🎹 🤺

    2. @ 6:53 Lol 😂

    3. Because he would bring heat on himself. Why would I tell you who I am if you're going to not only send your men, but also the navy and state police??? Even the police and army and navy cover their faces. It's not out of fear, but out of caution.


    Theres a short video on this page that shows a few seconds of one of the most recent fights by grupo escorpion

  6. I keep baby wipes in my car. To you savages who get by with toilet paper alone - wash your filthy asses.

  7. Pura gente del señor Fito Olivares


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