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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Who Is 'El Chango', A Member Of 'Los Chapitos' Linked To The Kidnapping Of Six Young People In Culiacan?

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from INFOBAE

Juan Andres "N" was arrested in early November while in possession of thousands of fentanyl pills.


Los Chapitos is a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel that is led by the sons of Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán (Photo art: Jovani Pérez Silva/ Infobae).

On October 24, a group of six people were deprived of their freedom in Culiacan, Sinaloa. Four days later, half a dozen lifeless bodies were found in the town of Tamazula, Durango. It is presumed that a Sinaloa Cartel operator is behind these events.

Among those kidnapped was a minor identified as Jesús Alberto Chaidez Beltrán, 13 years old, as well as Pamela Alison Perea Rojo, 23 years old. According to investigations, a member of 'Los Chapitos' (a faction led by Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán's sons) was involved in what happened.

Journalist Jorge Fernández Menéndez reported that one of those allegedly involved is Juan Andrés "N", better known as 'El Chango'. This subject, he indicated, is part of 'Los Ninis', as the armed wing of Los Chapitos is known, which is in charge of the security of Iván Archivaldo, Jesús Alfredo and Joaquín Guzmán.

"Juan Andres N, alias 'El Chango,' a member of the Ninis in the service of Los Chapitos, was arrested last November 4. Authorities (point to him) as the person allegedly responsible for the kidnapping of six young people in Culiacán," the author of The New War: From Chapo to Fentanyl detailed on November 11 through his social networks.

El Chango worked under the orders of Iván Archivaldo and Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas, alias 'El Nini' (Photo: Facebook/jfernandezmenendez).

During the actions derived from his arrest, Sinaloa authorities seized two long guns, two handguns, magazines with cartridges, a white vehicle and nearly 2,000 fentanyl pills. This despite the prohibition of 'Los Chapitos' to manufacture and distribute this synthetic opioid in the state.

According to Fernández Menéndez, 'El Chango' used to receive direct orders from Iván Archivaldo Guzmán, a drug trafficker for whom the United States (US) is offering a reward of up to USD 10 million in exchange for information leading to his arrest, due to his alleged responsibility in the international trafficking of fentanyl.

Likewise, 'El Chango' worked for Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas, alias 'El Nini', who heads the group of hitmen in charge of the security of 'Chapo's' sons. This subject is also a priority target of the neighboring country, since a reward of up to USD 3 million is offered for his capture.

Among the criminal activities carried out by 'El Chango' were kidnapping, homicide and torture. However, it is not known how long he worked for the Sinaloa Cartel.

Jesús Alberto Chaidez Beltrán, 13 years old, was one of the youths kidnapped in Culiacán (FGE Sinaloa).

Kidnapping of youths in Culiacán

On October 24, Jesús Alberto was deprived of his freedom by a Sinaloa Cartel commando in the Bosques del Rey subdivision in Culiacán. Along with him, Pamela Alison and four other young people were also kidnapped.

Search warrants were issued since that day to find their whereabouts. However, on October 28, several vehicles from Sinaloa entered the municipality of Tamazula, Durango, and abandoned the lifeless bodies of six people, all of whom showed signs of torture.

Among the victims were Jesús Alberto, Germán Alexis Beltrán (25 years old), Alexis Ramírez Ruiz, Joel Ramírez Ruiz, Chande Ramírez, alias 'El Bebé', and Abel.

As for Pamela Alison, sources from the Sinaloa Prosecutor's Office confirmed to Infobae Mexico that she had been found alive on October 30. However, no further information was provided about the place and conditions in which the 23-year-old was found.

It is presumed that the deprivation of liberty had to do with the victims providing information to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) about drug trafficking leaders. However, this has not been confirmed by the authorities.



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  6. The Beltran-Leyva brothers - Alturo, Carlos, Alfredo, Mario Alberto and Hector - were cousins of Chapo Guzman and helped him build up the Sinaloan Cartel in the good old days before they were all busted, knocked off or died of old age.

    Now the Chapitos take out the next Beltran generation.


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