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Friday, November 24, 2023

Tijuana Municipal Police Officer Is Murdered

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A Tijuana Municipal Police officer, identified as Leon Bueno Loreto, was killed in an armed attack on Friday afternoon, November 24, in the Mirador Capistrano neighborhood. The incident occurred almost an hour after a unit of the State Attorney General's Office was damaged after gunshots were fired.

According to information provided to ZETA, at 1:36 p.m. gunshots were fired at a man who was walking down Cristobal Colon Street in the aforementioned neighborhood.

Witnesses reported that at least 20 shots were heard and one person was injured.

Municipal Police and Red Cross paramedics arrived at the scene and observed a person with various injuries. However, he no longer had vital signs.

A source close to the case said that the perpetrators, a man and a woman, fled on board a Kia vehicle towards an unknown direction.

Mirador Capistrano neighborhood 
Tijuana, Baja California 

Zeta Tijuana  Alerta Código Rojo


  1. Distracted on a phone like most people nowadays

    1. Your right anyone in law enforcement in Mexico, should always be on alert. The off duty cop, had just gotten out of the car, I sure the killer in the passenger acted, by asking him a question, at the same time shooting him. Wonder if he had a bullet proof vest, more likely not, otherwise he would have been able to return fire.

    2. People hide on phones now as well,cant look people in the eye

  2. Seeeeeeee????? SOL IS A WORK HORSE lol.

    Rubio NYC

  3. obviously he left the door open to return to the car after an exchange of some sort.

  4. I wonder how many mordidas he took from people he stopped in his short lived career. Them T.J cops are dirty as shit. Anyone remember when they were disarmed and protested by walking around with slingshots.

    1. Yes I remember that era. They were being vetted out, because of corruption. I don't know if the cop was dirty or clean, but kill him in broad daylight.. unbelievable.
      In 2008 I was stopped by two Tijuana cops, with flashing Red and Blue lights, for making a U-turn on not busy residential street, no U-turn sign visible.
      I was not going to protest, the car donated from US police agency, old 80s, had no license plate, no unit number, furthermore the two men had no name tags, they wanted a bribe.

      Relatives went to Cabos San Lucas this year 2023. On the way coming back North bound passing Rosarito, the Rosarito police stopped them, all because the Prius had tinted windows. Sure enough a bribe was given.

  5. I hate to jump to conclusions but he looked like he was expecting them was walking towards the car just not expecting the bullets. So I will leave it in the air nomas dios sabe

    1. Apparently, he took something that wasn’t his from the cartel, that’s why he was killed.


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