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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Tamaulipas: Dismembered Bodies Dumped In Black Bags On Villa de Casas Highway

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The discovery was reported to police authorities by motorists traveling on the highway.

The dismembered and decapitated bodies, stored in black bags, were dumped on the federal highway between Villa de Casas and Soto La Marina.

The human remains of two people were found inside the bags near the Jacinto Canek community in the municipality of Villa de Casas, Tamaulipas.


The finding was reported to the police authorities by motorists who were traveling on the federal highway. State Guard agents cordoned off the area after arriving at the scene. 

Three black bags were found on the road with the remains of two people inside.

So far, the authorities of the Tamaulipas Security Ministry have not issued any information about the violent acts registered in this area of the state.

Also, on the federal highway from Magañas to Soto La Marina, several motorists were stranded on the road when their vehicles were damaged by caltrops.

Casas, Tamaulipas 

Villa de Casas Highway

Jacinto Canek community 

General Gildardo Magaña aka Magañas

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