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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Strong Navy Special Forces Air And Sea Operation In Dimas; Panga Boat Secured With Drugs: Sinaloa

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted by LOS NOTICIERISTAS

San Ignacio, Sin. - A strong operation by the Mexican Navy (Semar) by sea and air has been registered on the afternoon and evening of this Tuesday, November 7th in San Ignacio beach, just off the coast of Barras de Piaxtla near Estación Dimas.

The Navy operation, confirmed by security authorities and residents to Los Noticieristas, shows a chase by an Armed Forces helicopter of a panga.
The seizure of a boat with suspected drugs is confirmed. The amount of the shipment and the type of drugs have not been disclosed.

Marine units and aircraft of the Mexican Navy were deployed to stop the panga. So far it is not known if there were any detainees among those on board.

The chase lasted for a while along the coastal strip where the Semar elements achieved a positive result without firing any firearms.

Luis Alberto Díaz Y Los Noticieristas on X state the following, " Impressive! #SEMAR performs strong #operative 😱 to stop a panga that was trafficking #drug in the vicinity of the town of #Dimas📌, in #SanIgnacio🚨; the event was recorded on video where a #helicopter 🚁 of the Ministry of the Navy is observed chasing a smaller boat until it is caught up and secured." 

Video Translation:

Voice #1; Fucking shit you see that?? people are there. 




  1. Chapitos trying to get NiNi out the way

    1. If that was the case, he would already be dead or in jail.

  2. If its Chapitos fentanyl shipment cruise missile that panga boat

    1. Nino Mexico don't have cruise missiles.
      Lol you been watching to many Rambo movies.😭

    2. Let me see what have we here 🤔.
      A. One cruise missile $200,000

      B. 2 Navy (Marinas) men in helicopter to disable panga boat engines, with machine guns. $1,500.

      Which one would be more feasible??
      A or B

    3. @449 neither is feasible first of all a cruise missile cost approximately $4 million each in US dollars secondly $1500 wouldn’t even pay for the fuel for the helicopter. Let go of the thought that the US is going to send special forces into Mexico to kill drug cartel members that’s never going to happen, and it wouldn’t stop drugs from being trafficked. It would actually increase the value and the amount of drugs available on the market or have you not been paying attention for the past 60 years?

    4. 8:24 you don't see the whole picture.

      4:49 was merely answering 8:20 the dreamers perspective. Which is correct, who would want to waste an expensive cruise missile on a dingy boat ?
      Furthermore 1,500 in US dollars is reasonable to shoot at the boat, the ammo is not made out of Gold, oh yes the senerio mentioned would take place in Mexico, not as you said USA.

  3. Esoooo Fuerzas Armadas!!!!


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