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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Sinaloa Cartel Ran Complex ‘Underground Banking System’ To Supply Chinese Currency Exchanges With Drug Profits, Feds Say

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The defendants include an Oakland resident charged with transporting more than 100 pounds of cocaine

Packets of cash totaling $598,110 that was allegedly possessed by a Sinaloa Cartel associate in Pasadena. (Northern California District Court Records)

In a new federal indictment, prosecutors here have accused the Sinaloa Cartel of not just distributing drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine into the United States by the kilogram, but conspiring with Chinese nationals to launder the trafficking proceeds.

The indictment charges 14 people with conspiracy to distribute drugs and money laundering. One of the defendants is also charged with assault on a federal officer, after he allegedly rammed a Drug Enforcement Administration task force officer with a Lexus, court records show.

The defendants include Oakland resident Jose Antonio Pardo, 30, who is charged with transporting more than 100 pounds of cocaine. Pardo had his first court appearance before a federal magistrate in Oakland and is next due in court Nov. 14, pending extradition to the Central District of California.

The other defendants have been identified in court papers as Edgar Martinez-Reyes, Raul Contreras, Oscar Mayorga, Luis Belandria-Contreras, Guillermo Zambrano, Diego Acosta Ovalle, Bernardo Mauberis, Vidal Lincon-Robles, Leopoldo Bernal, Daniel Gonzalez, Victor Rodriguez-Trujillo, Julia Cabrera, and Jiande Zhou.

The indictment accuses the group of conspiring with other members and associates of the Sinaloa Cartel to launder hundreds of thousands of dollars in cartel cash. Specifically, Martinez-Reyes, Contreras, Mayorga, Belandria-Contreras, and Zambrano, together with unnamed co-conspirators, allegedly delivered “drug trafficking proceeds to operators of an underground banking system operated by Chinese nationals in the United States and elsewhere for the purpose of supplying U.S. currency to Chinese money exchanges that were operating illegally for use by their underground banking customers in the United States.”

Some of the laundering was conducted at an office complex in Florence, California, where a cartel operative allegedly brought $226,000 inside a bag emblazoned with the words “Happy Birthday” in 2021, according to the indictment.

Additionally, Mauberis allegedly used cartel cash to buy precious metals in gems “on the black market in the United States,” smuggled them into Mexico, and sold them to legitimate businesses for profit that would then be used to reimburse drug dealers, for a small commission, the indictment alleges.

If convicted, the defendants face decades in prison for the alleged money laundering and up to life in prison for the drug trafficking charges. A trial date has not yet been set.


  1. Ooooo yea i cant wait for all the snitching thats gonna go down, cause we all know that once a CDS member goes to trial they have a 💯 record of snitching 🤝

    1. Why. you care if they snitch are you there mother.

    2. No, his dad 😂
      🎶 El papá 🎶
      🎶 De los pollitos 🎶

  2. 7:32 everytime someone says something about snitching i picture some stupid little kid that says the only word he know lol. you are pathetic.
    we all know what happens as soon as someone is caught for the most part. even tho i do know 1 person who worked for cds that got high sime for not throwing anyone under the bus nut thats a dime a dozen

    1. 9:31 now it all make sence why you defend those snitches so much😂

    2. Everyday those little kids in here, come in like a crybaby, oh cds snitch, ol snitch this that all around. Kids wtf you care, let them snitch all they want.

    3. 9:31 is an example why sinaloa fanboys are the worst they just dont let up. you can troll them and they are literally defending the honor of theyre favorite cartel every time they cant help themselves.

  3. It’s town bidness deep east oak town nigga ESO 9800 block

    1. Yo I heard 98th ave is all norteños up in oakland .. took over border Brothers hard to believe I remember I visited there once and checked in with my cousins from 95th all that area was bb then about 10 yrs ago

    2. @1113 -- It was only a matter of time, man.. Lame ass nortenos are all over northern california, whereas border brothers are limited to oakland alone...

      Unless they throw the 13 onto their name, they have no chance of surviving in the pen or on the streets for very long.., so it's obvious what happened.

    3. Ain’t no northern took over 98 we still out here in the deep so u got your information wrong

  4. On a side note, check out these coordinates on Google maps… Found an enormous mansion property just outside of Los Mochis.. Look at that pool!

    25.858869, -108.958998

  5. An international underground banking system operated by Chinese nationals to wash illegal cash without the knowledge or approval of the Chinese government.
    Got it.


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