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Friday, November 17, 2023

San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León: Narco Message From 'The Purge' Hung On Pedestrian Bridge

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San Pedro Garza Garcia Police

The municipality detailed that the message was directed towards another criminal group, and that the State Attorney's Office already has the report.

A banner with a message allegedly written by a criminal group appeared this Friday morning, November 17, in San Pedro Garza Garcia.

This was reported by the official account of the metropolitan municipality, indicating the location. 

"The San Pedro Garza Garcia police department reported the discovery of a message from one criminal group to another, written on a banner placed on a pedestrian bridge on Avenida Alfonso Reyes and Bosque de los Olivos," he wrote.

He also indicated that he had notified the Nuevo Leon Attorney General's Office to carry out the corresponding investigations.

"Notice was given to the Nuevo León Attorney General to carry out the investigations," he said.

Narco messages return in San Pedro Garza Garcia.

The appearance of this narco message in the municipality of San Pedro comes almost two months after a similar case was reported in the same place.

On that occasion it was also indicated that the message had been written by a criminal group, and that its content was addressed to another organized crime organization.

The banners were removed once the authorities became aware of them, thanks to reports made by citizens who were driving on Alfonso Reyes Avenue and Sierra Linda.

And as happened today, the accounts of the municipality of San Pedro assured to have made the corresponding report to the State Attorney General's Office, which went on to investigate what happened.

The narco messages usually give the citizens of Nuevo Leon concern because they automatically think of 2011, which was a difficult time for Nuevo Leon in terms of organized crime.

Narco message reads as follows: 

Well, let’s look at the facts you sons of bitches.You have your fucking operative Demon who’s just snitching and snitching and just doesn’t tire of snitching away. You guys are nothing more than a fucking gang of traitorous friend killers. The only thing you’re good at is thieving throughout all of San Pedro Garza Garcia. What happened to those claims of making all this fucking money with the Chapiza mob? You need to stop threatening family members. Family members are to be respected. 

This goes out to the following individuals: Mapa, Miky, Grinch, Pequeño from Calle Cinco de Mayo #602, Bélico, Chef, Brincos, Negro, Michel, PNO, Pescado, Flores, Chago, Pirrin, Berna, Ñañas, Peli, Chiva, Cóndor, Bebeto, Picos from Calle Alberto C. Siller #160, Jordan, and that fuck Jorge from the Coqueta Bar. The same goes for the Los 25’s mob, Bubo, Juan de Dios, and everyone else who turned on us. It’s best that you guys get the fuck out of our way. Otherwise, you all know what happens next for fucking with the wrong people. You’ve all been located you fucking gang of traitors. 

Sincerely, The Purge

Calle 5 de Mayo

Calle Alberto C. Siller

La Coqueta Bar

Pictures have been spliced together to show a panoramic view of  pedestrian bridge on Alfonso Reyes Avenue where narco message was hung.
San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León 

Alfonso Reyes Avenue and Sierra Linda Street in the Bosques del Valle neighborhood 
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León 


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