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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Michoacán: An Armed Criminal Cell Beats And Robs National Guard Members

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Four members of the National Guard were injured after the aggression occurred on the western highway.

Armed men beat, shoot and rob members of the National Guard in Michoacan

An armed criminal cell assaulted and robbed a group of National Guard agents in Vista Hermosa, Michoacán. Four members of the National Guard were wounded in the incident.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred on the Autopista del Occidente, near the toll booth in the municipality.

There, a convoy of several pickup trucks with armed civilians on board that outnumbered the police surrounded them and attacked them, after which one was shot and three others were beaten.

The attackers robbed the policemen of a police patrol car along with weapons belonging to the federal forces, including three handguns, two FX rifles and a private weapon belonging to one of the victims.

After the aggression, the armed men fled the place in an unknown direction and the national guards requested support from the corporation.

The injured were taken to a hospital in the region to receive medical attention, while the corresponding authorities began legal investigations.

Although the police deployed a search operation to arrest those responsible, no one has been detained as a result.


  1. At least, the national guardsmen survived. I rather get beaten and robbed than get killed.

  2. Those National guardsmen got extremely lucky. I’m surprised the cartel gunmen let the National guardsmen live.

  3. crazy!! thanks for translating sol. more articles like this less vlad tv or ladbible please

  4. I don't give a F how many they i'm shooting prefiero morir de pie que vivir de rodillas
    El Sinaloa 🪡

  5. Semper Fi? Where are you? It's your time to shine and ride for your state

  6. Either an inside job or these undertrained cowards didn't defend themselves better resign and get a job at oxxo selling beer
    And cokes and cigarettes maybe that's all they are good for like the scum of Mexico the guys who robbed them that's all they are good for.

    1. Agree with you, they are cowards.

  7. Jajaja no mames. Your shit gets published but I've been blocked because a crybaby I keep clowning is crying to the MODS.
    "I ain't mad at cha" BB.
    SN Celebration IPA

    1. No 💩🧠🤡 here "my guy".
      How's the AMLO "effort" going in Acapulco?

  8. Por hay anda diciendo el de pocos dientes que fue por que los de la guardia nacional pararon una comioneta de Lujo y a vato lo maltrataron y quitaron su pistola con un numero y el vato se enojo hablo a su equipo los agarron los desarmaron los madriaron y luego el mismo senor so cogip al teniente


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