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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Long Prison Sentences For 'Pablo Icecobar' And Co-Defendants

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The Mexican Crystal Meth Producer Nicknamed 'Pablo Icecobar' Has Been Sentenced To 14 years and 10 Months In Prison. A suspect from The Hague received a 13-year prison sentence. The judge took into consideration that Pablo Icecobar had also been sentenced to prison in the US for drug trafficking. This arose from revelations about this on Crimesite.

The boat in Moerdijk, on which a crystal meth lab was found


'Pablo Icecobar' was the coordinator of a group of drug criminals responsible for setting up a number of crystal meth labs in the Netherlands, which worked with the so-called 'Mexican method'. They were active in drug labs in Arnhem, Drempt, Moerdijk, Willemsoord and Hauwert.


The alias 'Pablo Escobar' was used by 41-year-old Pavel N. The court in East Brabant sentenced N. on Wednesday to 14 years in prison and 10 months. "The Mexican managed the Latin American side and provided the knowledge, skills and manpower within the organization," the court said. He is also convicted of exporting more than 30 kilos of methamphetamine to Germany.

Justice previously demanded 16 years in prison for Pavel N.

The drug labs were professionally set up by the suspect from The Hague. He also provided the raw materials and eventually sold the crystal meth.

Laboratory Technician

A 43-year-old man was brought to the Netherlands from Mexico as a laboratory technician and worked in the drug lab in Hauwert. A year later, he had a more coordinating role in the lab in Arnhem and managed other laboratory technicians. He receives a prison sentence of 7 years and 10 months.

A 47-year-old man from Ecuador was deployed as a laboratory technician in the lab in Arnhem. This suspect gets 5 years in prison.


The organization also consisted of a 44-year-old woman from Colombia who, among other things, provided shelter for the Latin American suspects and others who worked in the labs. She also used drivers to collect payment from laboratory technicians or to transport them. She also ensured that arrested lab technicians in detention centers were given telephones and she deposited money into their PI account. The woman receives 4 years in prison, of which 1 year is conditional.

Another female suspect, the 36-year-old partner of the resident of The Hague, receives a prison sentence of 9 months, of which 4 months are conditional. She lived off the criminal profits that her partner made, while she should reasonably have suspected that this money could not have had a legal origin.

Money laundering

The suspect from The Hague laundered a total of 220,000 euros. The Mexican suspects were also guilty of money laundering. The leader converted part of the profits into bitcoins. He also – like the other Mexican and the Colombian woman – transferred sums of money via money transfers to South America, Spain and America.

A 49-year-old man from Colombia was guilty of an illegal cash transport of 60,000 euros. He was therefore guilty of money laundering and received a prison sentence of 8 months, of which 5 were conditional, and 240 hours of community service.


When determining the sentences, the court takes into account that crystal meth is very addictive and can even lead to the death of a user. 'In addition to these health risks, production causes great damage to the environment and the living environment. Preparing hard drugs involves the use of very dangerous substances and chemical waste. These substances and waste end up in the soil, open waters or public spaces. The drug lab also leads to feelings of unrest and insecurity.'


Mexican drug boss Pavel N. (Pablo Icecobar) has previously been behind bars for trafficking in illegal substances. He has already been sentenced to nine years in prison in the United States. The judge also took this into consideration, RTV Oost wrote on Wednesday: 'He apparently did not learn from it. The conviction in America did not stop him from continuing his life in the same way on another part of the world.'

The discovery that Pavel N. had also committed criminal offenses in the US was previously revealed by Crimesite in a series of articles. The justice department in the Netherlands then contacted the prosecutor in Dallas, Texas, about this.

The Netherlands 

Crime Site


  1. Was this the lab that was booby trapped to sink when found? If so I know one of the foos in that case who was deported back to Mexico after serving like 6-7 years.

    1. yes, it was a booby trapped ship

  2. The Netherlands big things been going on there for a long time started with indoor hydroponics moved to MDMA and now Meth.

  3. The prison sentences there are so low, it seems as if the public prosecutor encourages it

    1. I agree. He’d gotten at least 20-25 for manufacturing. Even after you tell on everyone you know.

  4. No one going to comment that the name is about as clever as we see, in English anyway. Seems the exception not the norm for drug producers/smugglers to not take themselves overly serious. Pablo icecobar is straight out of hot fuzz or the old naked gun movies.


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