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Monday, November 27, 2023

In Guerrero, Children Take Up Arms Against La Familia Michoacana

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In some municipalities of Guerrero, criminals attack the population almost every day with explosives launched by drones.

Minors use firearms to defend themselves from La Familia Michoacana

Two 12-year-old boys carry a pair of .22 caliber rifles in their hands, along with seven other 18-year-olds who took up arms to support their parents against La Familia Michoacana and defend their community, Acatlan del Rio, in the municipality of Heliodoro Castillo, Guerrero.

In this place, which MILENIO visited, men aged 12 and older carry guns to defend themselves from drug violence.

The situation in Guerrero
Interview with minor

-How old are you?
I am 12.

-What do you want to tell the government?

That they send us support, that they don't forget about us, about here, about Acatlán.

-Are you afraid?


"Alan", as he asked to be called, can barely carry the rifle, his short stature and thinness do not allow him to hold the weapon, but he knows that if necessary he has to use it to defend his mother and sisters.

Minors take up arms against organized crime

In February 2023, La Familia Michoacana made incursions into this mountainous area of Guerrero, which is difficult to access and can only be reached by dirt roads. It is located 128 kilometers from Chilpancingo, a journey by vehicle that takes more than 7 hours due to the terrible road conditions.

Since then, criminals have been attacking the population almost every day with explosives dropped from drones; at least twenty houses have been affected, their roofs have been destroyed and some have structural damage.

On the bloodiest days, members of La Familia Michoacana drop up to 25 bombs, while the villagers have no choice but to hide under concrete roofs, the problem is that most of the houses are made of tin.

"That's how they dropped a bomb here in my house. But there is something about those bombs because in addition to exploding they also make fire, here in my house there was a blaze, we were burning and I can't run because I don't have a foot," said a woman who asked that her identity not be revealed for fear of reprisals.

This situation has provoked the exodus of the inhabitants of Acatlán del Río, some opted to flee to the United States, others took refuge with relatives in Chilpancingo and Acapulco.

The few who dared to stay did so only to defend what they had built for years with the effort of their work and to prevent their animals from being killed or stolen, their houses from being looted or their vehicles from being taken.

The hitmen of La Familia Michoacana hide in a hill in front of the village; the community and the criminals are only divided by the water of the El Caracol dam, every day, from 10:00 am, the hitmen start shooting in the air as if they were called to mass, from that moment the tension is in the air, because the villagers know that it is the prelude to the drone attacks.

Families struggle to protect each other 

Acatlán del Río lives mainly from fishing thanks to the El Caracol hydroelectric plant, but today the fishermen cannot work because as soon as they set foot in the water they are attacked with bullets from the hill across the street; MILENIO was able to confirm this.

Schools without classes; they have already lost one class

The problem is worsening in Acatlán del Río, because the children and young people have already missed the last school year and there is concern that they will miss the current one.

"Since about 15 days ago the bomb fell and damaged the roof of the elementary school and since that day, well actually since before, since all this started, the teachers did not want to teach. I don't know exactly what day, but since February the children stopped having classes: the high school and elementary school children, they all asked to change, they didn't want to be here anymore", said a woman.

Today the school looks abandoned, with damages in the walls and ceilings, due to the explosions of the projectiles launched from drones, in the patio where there should have been children playing, today there are splinters of the explosive devices.

The facades are full of gunshots

"The rooms are abandoned, no authority has been present, neither state, municipal nor federal," denounced another inhabitant.

The health center has been closed for two years because the doctors also fled the violence.

When MILENIO went to Acatlán del Río, the community had already been without electricity for 9 days, after armed men damaged a transformer that had just been repaired by the Federal Electricity Commission.

Food is becoming scarce as the days go by, and no company wants to stop there, as they fear that their employees may be the target of an attack.

Acatlán del Río is not the only town that lives under the yoke of La Familia Michoacana, at least 10 towns in the municipality of Heliodoro Castillo suffer the same situation, among them La Lagunita, El Querengue, Texocotla, El Corral Grande, Santa María and Tichapa.

A 90-year-old man, a farmer by profession, originally from Lagunita, said that two months ago, the 25 families living in his community fled because of threats from organized crime. He recalled that on that day, before sunrise, they boarded a boat and left, abandoning everything.

Another woman also said that people are fleeing from the bombs: "if they don't send us government, they should send us weapons and everything we need to defend ourselves," she said.


  1. Makes we want to go there and do a golpe de estado take over the goverment and arm forces in a simultáneamente attack because i'm tire of corrupcion and people suffering while the f goverment is good at home

  2. A Child holding a 22 rifle is no match to a criminal holding, an
    AK -47. Kids don't have the practice to know what it's like to kill a criminal.
    Why would the Familia Michoacana, be messing with its neighbors?

    1. Because their village probably falls under the control of Los Tlacos. Heliodoro Castillo used to be totally controlled by Onesimo Marquina and Salvador Alanis Trujillo with Los Tlacos.

    2. Because like every cartel in mexico now, they have no code of honor.. a real cartel only would smuggle drugs and that's that. They have to f%#& and rob and bully their own people just because they can and get a head!!! Sad!! And they call them selfs narcos? Yes narcos always killed. But only their enemies, not women and children like they do now. They just don't get it kidnapping and killing people just because to make a point and all they do is just attract the government and society against them. Go back to the old school ways. Well just my opinion tho.

  3. This is horrible no child should have to take weapon to defend his family

  4. "hitmen start shooting in the air as if they were called to mass"..
    What a great line!

    1. If Elmo's government can't furnish AID, to the Alcapolco hurricane victims, how would it happen to help Michoacan citizens, that are being unhoused by Drone bombs? I heard he sent Military, too another town in the past, but months late, that the citizens threw rocks at the Military, they get sent when all the damage has been done.

    2. Where's Alcapolco? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. 12:56 Usted tiene razón. Muchas veces llegan los señores militares y hacen todo menos apoyarlos o dejarlos trabajar. Gracias por mencionar eso.

    4. @2:03 It's not that far from Acapulco🤭. And 12:56 quit your bullshit of thinking the world revolves around michoacan. I use to like michoacan, pero you idioticy of think michoacan is the center of the universe is starting to make me dislike it. O, y pa que sepas pendejo the only time michoacan is mentioned is when they mention lfm. Besides that this article has nothing to do with michoacan or michoacan citizens. This shit is happening in Guerrero. Pon atención ojete.

  5. Propaganda? Someone used in michoacan.

  6. Why are they set on taking this community?

    1. Los Tlacos are probably nearby or Los rojos

  7. There is more to the story that isnt being told. These sierra communities depend on growing and manufacturing drugs. If a pound of corn or beans cost the same as a pound of Heroine I guarantee the community members would not be risking being killed or attacked by rival cartels or the government.

    1. Exactamente. Eso es lo que causa voliolencia, de otra forma porque estaría tan peleado y desbordado? Ah por cierto las armas cuestan mucho dinero.

  8. What a shame, of what Mexico has become.

  9. I love my Mexico 🇲🇽

    1. 🇲🇽❤️❤️❤️❤️‍🩹💓💗💓💗💓💞💕

    2. I love my lazy grampa Hablador.🦜

    3. 5:35 you act like corruption started with AMLO, one single person cannot undo all the damage caused by decades of greedy politicians.

    4. 10:30
      Ya on drugs.
      That fools term is almost over and did not put a dent on violence and corruption, instead hugs fixed everything 😭😂.

  10. Maa bien la familia guerrerense bc lfm es puro lacra de guerrero

  11. Mateo 18: 6-9
    "pero si hacen que uno de estos pequeños que confía en mí caiga en pecado, sería mejor para ustedes que se aten una gran piedra de molino alrededor del cuello y se ahoguen en las profundidades del mar. »¡Qué aflicción le espera al mundo, porque tienta a la gente a pecar!"
    Que la gente de todo Mexico no es Cristiana? Que no leen su biblia?
    Onson Cristianos solo de palabra?
    Y Catolicos tambien somos Cristianos porke creemos en Cristo. Antes que empiesen a joder los quesque Evangelicos

  12. It is a complete decline of civilized society when children are used to fight cowards who call themselves men 😔

  13. Milenio. Damn. I worked with their people and got called a ''bum'' for objecting to putting guns in the hands of kids to be photographed for ''added impact'' as she called it. The logic was ''OK, they didn't really have guns, but they might do, and if we can get it out there, we can PREVENT it happening in future''. The perfect circularity of Drug War Logic lol. Minors are not taking up arms against organised crime.

  14. Stupid question. But do the little ones get put through the same type of training that the adults go through??. The “ Partial dismemberment, torture, beheadings, etc”????
    Waddup Sol. Hope your week started on a good note hermano!!!

    Rubio NYC

  15. That's fuc-ing sad when u see kids this young involved in that type of shi- ...u know how many futures are ruined motherfuc-ers ...

  16. These kids have more huevos than the narcos. Makes you feel sorry for the narcos.

    1. @ Detroit. A news crew took a child and told them to hold a gun, then they took pictures, then they fled. The next day they'd have had a dinner party where they talked about how lucky they were to escape, when the army was watching them the whole fukn time. The kids are left stranded, but take these stories with a massive pinch of salt. If it was real Milenio wouldn't be allowed anywhere near.

  17. @Sol --- if you see this, I am hoping you can help alleviate my insanity lol...

    I remember vividly reading an article here on BB in which some guy in Sinaloa (Culiacan, I believe) was making public statements about his professed love to Emma (Coronel)...

    The last message was something along the lines of wanting to marry her (yes.. lol) and sure enough, he was eventually killed... with a manta left on him that said something like "La familia es sagrada" ...

    Can you help search the archives for this possible article? I feel like it was otherwise scrubbed from MX news outlets and the internet all together..

    Thank you regardless for everything you do!


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