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Sunday, November 19, 2023

'Gang War Involving Nijjar-Style Killings Spreads In Canada - 3 Including Child Shot Dead In A Week

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Police release video of suspects and vehicle in southside shooting: EPS is releasing video and images of the suspects and their vehicle in hopes of generating additional information related to the shooting deaths of a father and son last Thursday.

At least three Indian-origin Canadians have been killed in Canada over the last one week, allegedly on account of an intensifying gang war among the large Sikh/Punjabi population there.

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) in Canada released a video late Sunday night of the killing of 41-year-old Harpreet Singh Uppal, who is believed to have been a part of a gang called 'Brothers Keepers' in Canada.

He and his 11-year-old son were shot on 9 November — while they were in their white SUV. While Uppal succumbed to his injuries immediately, his son died while undergoing treatment at a hospital.

Last week, 27-year-old Parmvir Chahil, described by Canadian media as a member of another gang called the 'United Nations', was shot dead in a parking garage in Vancouver.

Giving details of Uppal's killing, the police said the suspects arrived in a black BMW SUV. Two suspected assailants then exited the vehicle, ran towards Uppal's car, fired shots, and fled the scene.

"A short time later, police were notified of a vehicle fire... At this time, police continue to investigate if the suspect vehicle and burned vehicle, a 2012 black BMW X6, are the same. No one was located inside the vehicle," the police said in a statement.

The killings have raised alarm bells in the Canadian media, which described these killings as part of the "B.C. gang war", or gang-related shootings in British Columbia, where Vancouver is located.

The Vancouver Sun reported that the killings show the "deadly tentacles" of the

B.C. gang war, marked by "tit-for-tat slayings", "are spreading"

With regard to the killing of Uppal’s son, the Vancouver Sun report quoted police as saying that “the boy was intentionally slain, marking a breach of unwritten gangland conduct that spares children”.

The boy’s friend, who was also in the vehicle that was targeted outside a gas station in broad daylight, was not shot.

The report said Brothers Keepers, United Nations and Red Scorpion-Kang are just some of the B.C. gangs that have turned public spaces across the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia into a battleground.

Diplomatic row

A similar killing earlier this year in British Columbia’s Surrey — of Sikh separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who was shot by car-borne shooters in gang-war style — sparked a diplomatic row between India and Canada, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed his government was investigating “credible allegations” of a “potential link” between agents of the Government of India and the killing.

New Delhi rejected Trudeau’s allegations as “absurd and motivated”.

The Washington Post reported on 26 September that footage of Nijjar’s killing appears to suggest it could have been a “larger and more organised” operation than earlier reported, involving around six men and two cars. 

An 11-year-old boy slain with his father in a targeted shooting in Edmonton was intentionally killed say cops. Harpreet Singh Uppal, 41, and his son were gunned down outside a gas station. Uppal was a high level drug dealer and a prominent Brothers Keepers associate. He survived an attempted hit in 2021.

Edmonton, Canada 

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  1. Damn… these Canadians been getting it in lately ūüėĮ

    1. Its always been like that in Canada, nothing new.

    2. Since 2008 with the Red Scorpions in BC, gang wars are crazy here. They spread all over the country too. A dude was caught on national tv getting tossed out of a Raptors game while sitting court side for yapping at the red and got murdered not long after for being a UN member.

    3. did they remove the double G

    4. There's killings everywhere though. 3 dead is like 1 weekend in any big US city.

  2. India-origin, but more specifically, those from Punjab State, often pro-Khalistan independence oriented. The unvarnished fact is most are high caste Jatt Sikhs - the warriors. Buttars, Dhak, Grewals, Independent Soldiers etc making life treacherous.

    1. A bunch of punjab farmers in Central Valley California alot of them married with Mexicans! A lot of them work as moteros I knew one that trafficked firearms!

    2. Yes, the leader is Mohan Singh Thind, from Calgary, Alberta. Has connections in Arizona, USA, Salt Lake, LA, Vegas, Indiana, Vancouver BC., and Sonora, México.

    3. 1:33 at least you actually know your stuff! The Dhake-Duhre stuff really set things off when Gurmit got lit up at metrotown mall. Ever since then its been non stop tit for tat. Grewals, Kangs... so many families losing their sons, brothers etc to stupid ass lifestyles.

    4. rGkio, how much are these guys making per year?

  3. Why even release a bullshit video where noone can see anything and people are blurred. It's like the us government. "Let's make things dramatic"

  4. Funny ass Canadians

    1. 'Funny ass Canadians'
      Listen to Pablo Escobar here, show us how its done homie

    2. 8:47 is offended that Canada doesn't have 18k homicides like Mexico

  5. That just ran into some buddies from Edmonton, that guy had been shot before and there was big money on his head. But killing a child is going to open pandoras box

  6. Canada needs to pass an organized crime law like RICO to put these scumbags in prison for life. no reason for them to be out on the streets stealing & dealing f*ckng up society even more


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