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Monday, November 13, 2023

FGR Seizes Drugs And Chemical Substances In Two Properties In Elota: Sinaloa

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

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It was in the town of Alta Rosa, in Elota, where the Attorney General's Office executed a search warrant.

Two properties were seized by members of the Federal Attorney General's Office in the town of Alta Rosa, in Elota.

The Federal Public Prosecutor's Office, with the support of personnel from the Federal Ministerial Police and the Forensic Services of this institution, carried out the operation.

Two buildings, 59 liters 98 milliliters of substance containing methamphetamine, 2 thousand 12 liters 92 milliliters of acetone, 5 thousand 119 liters 99 milliliters of hydrochloric acid, 179 liters 99 milliliters of toluene, three vehicles, centrifuges, condensers, crushers, and other objects of the crime were seized.

The seized items were handed over to the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office, which is preparing the investigation file against whoever or whoever is responsible for the aforementioned crime.




  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Regalo de navidad 🎄 de su compadre mayo zambada para las autoridades 🤗

  3. You can throw a rock 🪨 in any part of Sinaloa you will hit drugs or a drug lab 🤣🤣🤣🤣 buisness as usual. All the drug labs are being pushed into Sonora now. New war coming to Sonora

  4. Pura gente del Señor Ivan. Animo Sicarios

  5. From reading Borderland Beat one would get the impression that nearly all synthetic drug production in Mexico goes on in Sinaloa, is this really the case or are busts there more likely to be reported?

    1. I know I know let's blame Sol of BB.
      Many have used like a punching bag,
      when that is not the case, don't kill the messenger.
      You have to dice the demographics at hand... who is letting CJNG grow and grow in Mexico?
      How uplifting the military and FGR going for Sinaloa Fentyl labs full throttle, but CJNG labs 0 %.

    2. For many years there was a group of morons here who were convinced BB supported CDS. There’s even a video from a known YouTuber crying like a bitch because I hurt his feelings in an email with 7 simple words. The gossip that the first group spread went that far to have influenced this certain YouTuber into believing we were laundering money for Mayo. Which is what lead to this midgets meltdown online. Nowadays it’s a different group gossiping away. This new group of dumbasses are convinced that we support CJNG.

    3. There is still a lot of morons that swear BB is CDS . I can honestly say BB along with 2 other narco news sites are the most reliable and non biased pages out there . The comments on the other hand are always CDS vs CJNG and a couple of annoying trolls.

    4. Historically sol has been the bb punching bag. Lmao

    5. I may not agree with everything Sol says but he's not a CDs fan girl or a CJNG fan boy

    6. Mr. Sol Prendido puts in a lot of effort, in keeping us informed, and I give him credit, where credit is due. Articles come fresh and translated from Mexico. It doesn't get any fresher that this, without him and his entourage , we would be left in the dark. I have been coming to the site for 5 years.
      and have learned a lot. Sol keep up the good work , don't let the trolls get to you.

      Steve P.
      Madera , CA

  6. Ovideo snitching 24/7.

  7. A perfect illustration of kill the messenger adage… Even when the messenger has absolutely nothing to do with the event, they’re simply reporting it SMFH
    On another note toluene, HCL, and acetone it sounds like they are using ephedrine as a base as opposed to Phenyl acetic acid, which I heard they had switched to in Mexico, some because using ephedrine as your base molecule ends up, contributing to severe psychosis from chronic users


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