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Friday, November 17, 2023

El Heraldo de Juárez Photographer Murdered In Fronteriza Alta Neighborhood

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

According to the investigations of the Prosecutor's Office, Ismael Villagómez was found dead in a car belonging to a private transportation company.

Ismael Villagómez's Facebook profile.

Ismael Villagómez, a photojournalist for this newspaper for the past two years, was murdered early this morning in the vicinity of the Fronteriza Alta neighborhood, while he was working as a driver for the In Driver platform.

The prosecutor of the northern zone, Carlos Manuel Salas, in a press conference this morning, said that they are interviewing the photojournalist's family, who say that after his journalistic work he worked as a driver for the In Driver platform, a job he did until two or three in the morning.

So far, said the Prosecutor, it has not been established whether the shot that killed Ismael was fired from inside the car or from the outside; this is being determined by the experts.

In addition to being a photographer for El Heraldo de Juárez, Villagómez was also an employee for a ride-hailing services, In Driver, a job he was carrying out when he was killed.

According to initial reports from the police authorities, the call for help was received at 1:53 a.m. through 911, and police units arrived at the scene of the report at 2 a.m.

The officers noticed a deceased male on board a Kia Elantra with border license plates on the driver's side of the vehicle.

The description of the body corresponds completely with the complexion and age of the man who was a photographer for this publishing house.

Ismael Villagómez had been working for 18 years as a photojournalist for various media outlets. His source in this media was Iniciativa Privada.

Taken from Ismael Villagómez's Facebook page.

According to the first assessments by the ministerial authority, everything could have been a discussion between Villagómez and the last clients of the platform, whom he left in a place close to the place where the murder was committed.

The vehicle with the photographer's body on board was located at the intersection of Artículo 27 and Sinaloa streets in the Fronteriza Alta neighborhood.

Elements of the State Investigation Agency are already working on the case. In coordination with the cyber unit of the FGE and SSPE are working to define the routes that Villagómez's vehicle followed until it ended up parked in the place where it was last located.

The North Zone Prosecutor's Office also stated that they have already requested the images from the video cameras near the place of the crime in order to establish the identity of the people who killed three photojournalist.

The North Zone Prosecutor, Carlos Salas, gave a press conference in which he detailed that there is still no solid line of investigation into this crime.

Villagómez Tapia, who had 18 years of experience in photojournalism, was murdered early this morning in the vicinity of the Fronteriza Alta neighborhood, when he was working as a driver for the Indriver digital platform.

"It is clear to us that Ismael was working as a driver for the digital platform In Driver, he was doing a job outside of his journalistic work to bring additional income to his family," said the state official.

Salas detailed in the same press conference that the caliber of the weapon with which he was shot has not yet been established, not a single firearm shell casing was found at the scene.

"The deceased had a single gunshot in the eye area, it remains to be established if the shot had as trajectory of entry the eye area and exited through the nape of the neck or the shot was fired in the nape of the neck and exited through the eye", argued Prosecutor Salas.

In relation to the crime committed against the colleague, the official also mentioned that Villagómez Tapia's telephone was not found at the crime scene. However, forensics from the Prosecutor's Office is already working to establish the trajectory of the vehicle to the place where the body of the photojournalist was found.

Salas explained that in the place where the body was located there were no cameras of the Sentinel platform nor of the SSPM. However, in nearby areas there is such technology and the videos from these platform posts have already been requested.

In addition, executives of this media outlet stated that Villagomez had not at any time stated that he had received any threat that put his life at risk.

Several of Villagomez Tapia's co-workers agreed that the photojournalist was a cheerful person and very committed to his work, in fact his spirit of service was such that he always supported colleagues from other media when they required any type of material and without expecting any payment in return.

He had been working at this publishing house for two years and did not report any threats of any kind.

Photo taken from Ismael Villagómez's Facebook page.

Journalists murdered in recent years

From 2008 to 2023, there have been four murders of journalists on this border. Sadly, the crime of Ismael Villagómez is the fourth against the journalistic profession in Ciudad Juárez.

On the morning of November 13, 2008, José Armando Rodríguez Carreón, a journalist with El Diario de Juárez, was shot and killed as he was leaving his home.

Two years later, on September 16, 2010, photojournalists Luis Carlos Santiago Orozco and Carlos Sánchez, of El Diario de Juárez, were shot at in the parking lot of the Río Grande shopping mall.

The young Luis Carlos lost his life at the scene, while his colleague managed to survive, although he was seriously wounded.

Subsequently, on October 29, 2020, the news anchor of Telediario, Arturo Alba Medina, was riddled with bullets in the Hidalgo neighborhood.

Intersection of Calle Sinaloa and Calle Artículo 27

Fronteriza neighborhood 

Fronteriza neighborhood 
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

El Heraldo de Juárez


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