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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Dogs That Roam With Human Remains: Jalisco

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from INFORMADOR.MX

Written  by; Jonathan Lomelí


On Monday morning a man called 911. On his property, in Brisas de la Primavera, in Zapopan, a dog was walking around with a human skull on its snout. The same thing happened on Tuesday. A woman reported to the police that she saw a dog with a tattooed forearm

This Wednesday the Zapopan Search Group and the State Search Commission located a property with evidence of at least seven clandestine graves or clandestine burial sites in Brisas de La Primavera.

The place has the geography of the neighborhoods bordering the Bosque de La Primavera. Dirt roads, hiding places in trees and bushes, semi-populated properties where life takes place in the midst of massive crimes, most likely at night.

At 500 meters there is a spa, three grocery stores surround the spot and less than three kilometers away is the UdeG High School 20. It is enough to walk a few meters into the forest to get lost in its thicket, but no, the criminals buried the bodies in a relatively populated adjacent area. A farm near the point, if you look closely, a house in apparent abandonment, contrasts with the number of video surveillance cameras surrounding it. 

The dogs roamed, the first one, 1.7 kilometers from the clandestine burial zone. The second was barely half a kilometer away. During yesterday's work they located four other limbs scattered in the vicinity.

The burial sites are concentrated in an area of about one hectare. Each one is 20 to 30 meters apart. The bodies are found wrapped or in plastic bags. One official's report described it in these terms: "There are even pieces in the land lying around. It's huge. 

Are we facing one of the largest clandestine burial sites located this year? A year in which we have 17 graves and 257 bodies exhumed, most of them in Tlajomulco and Zapopan. The work of Forensic Sciences will continue in the coming days. Until yesterday, official information was scarce. 

In that area of Zapopan, near the forest, dogs wander around with human remains in their snouts, and find the victims before the State Prosecutor's Office, while they assure us that "in this six-year term there are more graves because now they are looking for the disappeared".


  1. Now i know why some people say CDS will always have a presence in Jalisco, cause they are all burried

  2. Dogs ate most of my neighbor a few years ago. Not buried, left on an empty overgrown lot. He was a user, we surmised that he owed the wrong person.

    1. It’s said a pig can eat a person’s corpse in 8-10 minutes tops..

    2. It Hass to be a big enough pig… Now put five or 63 or 400 pounds in a pen and throw someone in their lives and they get eaten alive

    3. @307 — don’t forget to starve the pigs first for a few days…

  3. Lol… a pack of wild dogs can find them but the gov can’t?

    What a slap to the face to all the families in grief…

  4. Jaliscas queens love this story

  5. Why is there so many people missing and killed in Jalisco within the last 8 years or so? Im just seeing the ones that actually get documented or make it to the news and social media.

    1. Jalisco cleaning house

    2. Alot of people that dont want to work with them or pay them piso. check out the pages amor por ellxs, alot of regular looking people go missing,

    3. Systematic genocide..

    4. 6:46 CJNG and their known rival CDS proxies: CNP, La Corona and MG/Teocaltiche


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