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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: One Of Three Bodies Found Buried In Home Remains Unidentified

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

According to the Prosecutor's Office, after carrying out several technical-scientific analyses, it was determined that two young men were strangled.

As of Tuesday morning, the third body unearthed in the patio of a house in El Barreal in Ciudad Juarez remained unclaimed.

The bodies were located last November 7, when the people who lived in the house were making repairs to the interior and detected foul smells, and later saw the corpses.

Of these three deceased persons, only two of the murdered were officially identified and their bodies have already been handed over to their families.

They are Jesús Alejandro Valenzuela Hernández, 20 years old, and Donovan L. G., 19 years old, who were reported missing. The two were last seen on September 18 in the downtown area, with no further information on their whereabouts.

According to the State Attorney General's Office, after having performed several technical-scientific analyses, it was determined that both young men were strangled.

However, the investigation continues to try to identify the third victim, so far no family member has approached the corresponding authorities to make the recognition.

At the same time, they are trying to determine the motive for which they were murdered, as well as to try to find those responsible, at the moment no arrests have been reported.

In social networks, relatives of Jesús Alejandro made a series of publications where they asked citizens not to judge him only for having tattoos, in order to justify his murder.

Family and friends of Jesús Alejandro Valenzuela Hernández, who was searched for 53 days after his disappearance and was found dead in a house in El Barreal, is being held at a local funeral home where they demand justice.

Karla Valenzuela, mother of the young man found on November 6 buried with three other people in the patio of the house in El Barreal, assures that her son is not a bad person as he has been judged and proof of this is the large number of people who attended his funeral.

Those attending the wake wore white t-shirts with the photograph and name of Jesús Alejandro in his memory.

"They judged him a lot, they have judged him a lot for his tattoos, for the addiction that he had, which I think is not a reason that they did what they did to him, people have judged him a lot without knowing, people give their opinion without knowing", said Karla.

She added that her son was a hard worker, kind, helpful, very loved by many people, and he was not involved in "deviant matters".

"My son was a boy who worked hard and slaved away to have his money, he lived with me and helped me with the expenses, he was an honest boy, he was not involved in degenerate affairs as people think, he worked hard, the little he had he bought for himself".

Finally, the woman asked the authorities to really investigate, as she insisted that what they did to Jesus Alejandro and the other young men was unjust. I consider that they were located not because of an investigation, but because of an unexpected complaint, otherwise they would have never been found.

The grieving mother told those who committed this crime that sooner or later justice will catch up with them.

"I will not rest until they pay, because I know they will pay, sooner or later; if it is not by the hand of man, it will be by the hand of God".

El Barreal neighborhood 
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

El Heraldo de Juárez  El Diario Mx


  1. Prison gangs are the ones doing most of the killings in Juarez nowadays.
    They think they have cartel tactics such as torturing and strangulation down so they do this to anyone they suspect works for the enemy such as drug users even. They even do this to ex members of there's since they all including the ones working for the cartels betray each other all the time.
    Por pendejos los de el cartel de Juarez ya no puede detener estas matanzas.

  2. Que puede decir como mamá...

  3. Chapiza running j town

    1. 9:24 todavia matan niños los CDS y las Sinalocas como tu les siguen aventando sus calzones.
      Y jajaja sueñas que controlan Juarez jajaja, jajaja, jajaja, jajaja!

    2. Este guey 'ta pendejo si cree que los snitchaloas controla Juaritos. Ya perdieron la Manzana y van para perder Glpe Y Calvo. Poco a poco se van llendo los perros de Snitchaloa.

    3. Nomas porke a unas Sinalocas les salen los pedos por la boca piensan que no vuelen feo.
      Pero sigue siento pedo!

  4. Silverio carrillo fuentes the new juarez leader


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