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Thursday, November 23, 2023

An Overview of Nini’s Criminal History

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

In light of Nini's recent arrest, the following is a brief overview of some of the notable events in Nini's criminal history.

The Beginnings 

Nestor Isidro Pérez Salas was born on March 9, 1992 in the state of Baja California, in Mexico. (Source) At an unknown point in time, Nestor Isidro began working as a Sinaloa Cartel - Chapitos hitman and began going by the criminal alias “El Nini” as well as “Chicken Little”, “El 19”, and “El 09”.  

Over time, Nini grew within the ranks of the group and he moved to primarily live within the state of Sinaloa. On November 30, 2013, when he was 21 years old, Nini was arrested for illegal firearm possession in Culiacán, Sinaloa, but he was released shortly after being detained. (Source)

His Days as Ivan’s Personal Security 

Nini eventually began working within the group of hitmen who worked as the personal security detail of Ivan Archivaldo Guzman Salazar, the leader of los Chapitos - at least according to the 2015 song "El Tiempo es Caro" (one of Nini's narcocorridos) which says “I have in my hands the security of Mr. Archivaldo, the same with El Panu, and Alfredito knows well that I will not fail him."

Adriel Favela - El Tiempo Es Caro aka Los Ninis

The “Panu” mentioned in the lyrics refers to the criminal alias of Oscar Noe Medina Gonzalez, one of Ivan Guzman’s top lieutenants, and “Alfredito” refers to Ivan’s brother Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar. 

The US State Department described Nini as “one of the leaders in the Chapitos’ security apparatus. Perez Salas works directly for Ivan Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar’s principal deputy, Oscar Noe Medina Gonzalez, and holds responsibility within the Chapitos’ security apparatus for Sinaloa Cartel security in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.” 

Nini also began to develop his own group of loyal followers. The hitmen who worked under him were known simply as “Ninis”. 

On September 29, 2016, Cartel de Sinaloa (CDS) member Julio Óscar Ortiz Vega, alias “El Kevin”, had his gunmen ambush a group of soldiers in the Bacacoragua region, in Badiraguato, Sinaloa. After a gun battle, El Kevin and his men surrendered. 

El Kevin had been injured in the battle, so he was loaded into an ambulance and the military escorted the ambulance as it drove to the closest major hospital. A group of 60 CDS hitmen (according to El Mundo) attacked the military convoy in an attempt to free El Kevin. 

Five soldiers were killed in the attack but El Kevin was successfully freed from law enforcement custody. General Alfonso Duarte Múgica told reporters that "it is very likely" that those responsible are the sons of El Chapo

Jorge Fernandez Mendez alleges that El Nini directly led the group of 60 hitmen (on the orders of Ivan) in their attack on the convoy. He appears to be the only source which alleges Nini’s involvement. 

On October 17, 2019, Nini and his hitmen were known to have participated in the CDS efforts to free Ovidio Guzman after he was arrested in Culiacan, Sinaloa. 

On that day, CDS hitmen launched a flurry of attacks on federal forces in the area in an event that would be dubbed “Culiacanazo”. The violence of the attacks and the fear of further escalation eventually led to Ovidio being released from custody and he continued operating as a leadership figure within CDS for years to come. 

It's never been quite clear to what degree Nini was involved in Culiacanazo, as the audio clips of CDS radios demonstrate that an unknown male (some speculate El Gavilan) was the main coordinator of the CDS attacks. 


For years, Nini frequently posted photos on social media of his apartment which was adorned with  paintings of Ivan’s father, El Chapo, and featured a gilded throne-like chair. In video clips, Nini showed off various pieces of custom CDS-themed gold jewelry. 

Nini was known to invite over various social media influencers, such as MarkitosToys, to his home where he’d show off his latest big purchase, whether that be a sports car or a white tiger cub bought through the black market, for their cameras. 

A number of his videos were later reuploaded onto platforms like Youtube and TikTok, including ones showing his white Bengal tiger when it was just a cub, as the tiger explored a large garage full of luxury vehicles.

Nini is known to be married to Gaby Fernandez, the daughter of Manuel Fernandez Valencia from the Valencia crime family. (Source) El Panu was reportedly the one who introduced Nini to the Fernandez family. 

Nini also developed a deep-seated rivalry with another Sinaloa Cartel group called “los Rusos”, who come from the Mayo aligned side of the cartel. The rivalry between the groups often escalated to gun battles and murders.

As an example, in June 2020, Nini allegedly kidnapped Anahi, the sister of “El Negro Azabache”, a cartel figure from the rival group Los Rusos. Nini agreed to release Anahi when, and if, El Negro Azabache turned himself in to Nini and his hitmen - a deal which El Negro Azabache ultimately agreed to. Not much more was heard of this exchange after but there were rumors that Azabache began working for Nini after becoming his captive. (Source

In February 2021, Nini was indicted in US court on charges related to the trafficking of cocaine and meth, as well as charges of witness retaliation. 

The Fall from Grace 

At some point Nini is said to have fallen out of Ivan's favor. According to a reliable source, Ivan allegedly considered having his hitmen kill Nini because Nini's violent behavior was heating up the plaza but José Ángel Canobbio, alias “El 90”, talked Ivan out of the idea. 

In May 2022, Nini’s convoy of hitmen entered into a shootout with military soldiers in the city of Culiacán. Nini allegedly made it out of the encounter without being killed or arrested. (Source)

In April 2023, Nini was indicted in US court again, this time as part of a larger sweeping indictment against the Chapitos network in a filing which focused on the group’s trafficking of fentanyl into the US. 

The incidents detailed in this indictment would set off a series of events that eventually led to Nini's recent arrest. 

To be continued in a future story.

Sources: Hyperlinked within the story.


  1. Hes from Agua Caliente de garete sinaloa south of mazatlan

    1. He was born in Baja California according to the US sanctions.

    2. Es nacido en Tijuana pero tiene familia en agua caliente

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  3. That diamond skull ring on the radio looks like chino Antrax ring and we all know Nini was involved in his murder and he know to keep stuff as trophies as he did with mini lic gun

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    2. Chino's ring was confiscated in Europe and given to US authorities.

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  4. El KARMA llega, verdad nini?
    Y me pregunto cómo estará Oscar el Panu o mejor dicho como le decía su ex Debra Rico Zazueta 'Okar' ah que por cierto perdió un hijo de el (Panu).

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    2. @11:43 I’m sure that’s how you roll on COD, but in real life he will roll on all the brothers and get a nice deal. Do 10/15yrs and then come home to some millions and a us passport.

  6. Great job by the military. Nini will be locked up forever. El Raton is snitching.

    1. I think he will give info on all the sons. He gets a deal similar to chino especially if he didn’t run 2019

  7. Ivans going to fall.

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      No worries, we have him on satellites.

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  8. "Rápido, pasa una camioneta
    Rápido, es clave de quien la maneja
    Rápido, truenan algunos radios
    Rápido, el rifle ya ha tumbado a varios

    Órdenes del señor Archivaldo
    Las cumple al cien y no anda preguntando
    Sus caravanas van patrullando
    Disciplinados, andan trabajando

    Pepillo pendiente de los radios
    Como H Cabra, trae los entubados
    Civiles, a veces, camuflajeados
    Con cascos y un cincuentón empotrado
    Y una supergüera, cachas de pantera
    Su cuerno de disco y nueve en la piernera
    Carácter calmado, es malo enojado
    Y el que lo torea, amanece encobijado

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    Rápido, pasa en un deportivo
    Y rápido, con charger, se oye un zumbido

    Pendiente está del joven Alfredo
    Y al millón sigue con su compa Trébol
    El Panu, solo, no lo ha dejado
    Menos su compa Rafa Alvarado"

  9. "Soy del cartel sinaloense
    Me navego en Culiacán
    Arriba de una urus roja
    Me paseo por la ciudad
    Siempre fajada una corta, por si la llego a ocupar

    Desde chico yo soñaba
    Con varios carros tener
    Ahora gracias a la mafía
    Ese sueño lo logré
    La oficina esta repleta
    De carros que quería ayer
    Ya tengo tiempo en lo mismo
    Y ahora traigo un gentillal
    A la ordén de los menores
    Nini me dicen por ay
    Nestor Isidro mi nombre
    Soy cien por ciento Guzmán

    Pa' los que no me conocen
    Han de pensar que estoy viejo
    La verdad si estoy chavalo
    Para el power que manejo
    Nomás que quede algo claro
    Que yo de nadie me dejo

    Por el patrón doy la vida
    El me enseño a trabajar
    Si empezé de pistolero
    Pero quise progresar
    Y disfruto grandes lujos
    Que no cualquiera se dá

    La sierra super cargada
    Cuatro puertas duracel
    Y atrás toda la plebada
    Y el veintitantos también
    El piyi quien me acompaña
    Para lo que haya que hacer"

  10. "Siempre pendientes
    Porque el gobierno es muy inteligente
    Yo voy al frente
    Que, atrás de mí, se ve un manchón de gente

    JGL, traigo en las cachas orgullosamente
    Mandan los jefes
    Yo cuido el área, aquí nadie se mete

    En una Urus me salgo a pasear
    Diez camionetas se miran atrás
    Cuido la plaza del señor Guzmán
    Y al Piyi traigo de anillo de seguridad

    Y puros corridos belicones
    Y échele, Peso Pluma
    Algo bello, compa, Luis R

    Haciendo verdes
    Con la bandera del Iván, y vienen
    Varias Cheyennes
    Siguen las órdenes del 09

    Soy descendiente
    Desde la tía, me vine a los trece
    Fórjense, plebes
    Que está tranquilo, dice el 27

    En una Urus me salgo a pasear
    Diez camionetas se miran atrás
    Cuido la plaza del señor Guzmán
    Y al Piyi traigo de anillo de seguridad

    Pura doble P

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