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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Airplanes, Drugs And Vehicles Seized During Search In Mexicali

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from NMas NOTICIAS 

Five people were arrested during the seizure of the drugs.

Aircraft secured in an operation in Mexicali. Photo: FGR

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) seized cocaine, heroin, small planes and vehicles in a property in the vicinity of Ejido Querétaro in the Mexicali Valley. 
During the operation, members of the State Citizen Security Force detained five people aboard two vehicles and found 189 packages with cocaine, 90 with fentanyl and one package with heroin. 
The arrest of the subjects took place outside a building in the vicinity of Ejido Querétaro in the Mexicali Valley, where more drugs were apparently being kept.

FGR MÉXICO on X ," The #FGR, Delegation 
The #FGR, in a search of a property in the Valley of Mexicali, BC, seized cocaine, heroin, airplanes and vehicles. Five people detained and the seized items were handed over to the MPF, who opened an investigation for crimes against health."

After the discovery and seizure of the subjects, the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF) requested a search warrant for the property from the judge. Once the search was carried out by the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), in coordination with the SEDENA, located 15 kilos 423 grams of cocaine, three kilos 933 grams of heroin, six airplanes and nine vehicles.
The property, the seized items and the detainees were handed over to the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office for investigation for crimes against health.



  1. highly likely the equipment belongs to 🇷🇺

    1. A couple of those planes are crop sprayers with the sprayers already on them below the wings for spraying pesticides on plants.

    2. Yes el ruso lives In my hometown of tepuche the government knows too

    3. Char Where did the FGR say 6 Vehicles I am only counting 4

    4. Dual purpose planes. Spray the crops and ship em out haha

    5. Yeah that crop duster is for cross border shipping alright!

  2. A couple loads here, some vehicles and planes there, your head of sicarios every once in a while… all part of the game.

  3. Been to that Ejido. A freind told me that at a particular house there, Los tucanes de Tijuana came to play there one time. Also i read a couple years ago that they found some bodies splatted in some fields in that ejido, apparently they “fell off” a plane.

    1. Los Tucanes tocaron ahi hace muchos años para el Jefe X

  4. Le va a meter unos cintarasos el Mayo al ruso.


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