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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Texas PRM Gang Figure Sentenced to 35 Years for Running Drug Ring from a Federal Prison Cell

 "Socalj" for Borderland Beat

A Beaumont, Texas man was sentenced in a federal court in Del Rio to 420 months in prison for conspiracy to possess, with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Kevin Ritchie, 34, directed others to continue his drug distribution of cocaine and heroin in Eagle Pass, Texas on a weekly basis while he was incarcerated on federal charges. Ritchie is a lieutenant in the Partido Revolucionario Mexicano (PRM) gang, connected to the Gulf and Sinaloa Cartels. 

A search warrant granting access to a Facebook account revealed Ritchie orchestrated drug trafficking through social media DMs. Under Ritchie’s direction, the individuals deposited the proceeds to his prison commissary account. Ritchie was sentenced as a career offender due to his numerous other federal felony convictions.

“This defendant, associated with a large drug trafficking network, has proven his tendency to place personal profit above the law,” said U.S. Attorney Jaime Esparza for the Western District of Texas. “His dedication to criminal activity while in confinement has led to another much lengthier 35 years in federal prison. My office will aggressively prosecute criminals who continue to support the illicit activities of cartels while incarcerated.” His sentence on his original charges would have been served by September 2025 when he was initially set to be released from federal prison.

Partido Revolucionario Mexicano (PRM) Gang

PRM is a prison-based gang with sets located throughout the United States. The gang was started by Mexican citizens incarcerated in Texas. Many who were deported returned illegally to operate on Texas streets, including in Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and San Antonio. The PRM gang has worked with Mexican drug cartels, such as the Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel, to import and distribute narcotics from Mexico into the United States. Texas has ranked the gang as Tier 2, alongside Sureño gangs, Crips, MS-13, and the Bandidos MC. 

In 2021, 16 members of the PRM gang were arrested and federally charged with drug trafficking crimes. In Eagle Pass, Texas, the DEA along with the FBI, Marshal Service, Border Patrol, HSI, Customs Border Protection, DPS, and local agencies, executed a number of federal arrest warrants for members of the PRM gang, the Partido Revolucionario Mexicano gang,” says Dante Sorianello, the assistant special agent in charge of the DEA in the San Antonio district.

“This is the largest operation that we have run with our partners in the Eagle Pass area in the last five or six years,” says Sorianello.

In 2011, Gulf Cartel members recruited PRM gang members to get back tons of stolen marijuana in Texas. The cartel needed people who knew their way around Hidalgo County, where the pot was stolen and were familiar with local drug dealers. So they contracted members of Partido Revolucionario Mexicano, PRM.

The gang members made drug buys from people they believed had the cartel's weed, then kidnapped and ordered them to reveal where their stash was. On their way to the stash house, Sheriff's deputies stopped the gang members and a shootout left one deputy injured and a gang member dead.


  1. Estos putillos de PRM se creen muy santos comoarados con pandillas de Mexico Americanos pero ya nomas los deportan a Mexico y hacen un cagadero.
    En Juarez tienen un desmadre contra gente inocentes robando, asaltando matando a muchos nomas por culos que son.

  2. This guy was doing this while in prison with a cell phone. We have the technology to prevent this. The US government has what is called a stingray drone. When flown over an area it can upload all data from the cell phones on the ground. Everything that is on those phones can be seen. They can know which prisoners have access to phones. Very simple. Why don't they do this?

    1. 10:47
      Because it's not a priority since it is not pervasive.

    2. This seems like dystopia sci-fi and a quick Google search doesn't offer more clarification about these kind of technical capabilities of the stingray drone. It's impossible to do that it means copying the memory op the phone. The best they can do is to scan IMEI or IMSI to check if phones there active.

    3. No my friend. This is not dystopia sci-fi. This is very real. There are many law enforcement agencies currently using this technology. Please look it up.

    4. Ohh man imagine the $$$ the person that makes a anti stingray tracking device. Business idea

  3. Replies
    1. And you are a peasant

    2. Pray the cheerleader doesn't get recruited by the cartel. CANON FODDER!

    3. It's a young teeny bopper that needs guidance in life.

  4. CDS es LA Mera Verga de todos


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