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Monday, October 23, 2023

Tacámbaro, Michoacán: Mayor's Brother Targeted In Armed Attack

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

At least five people were killed and three injured after an armed attack in Michoacán.

Monday morning's tranquility in Tacámbaro, Michoacán, was interrupted by a violent armed attack, which left five people dead and three injured. The main target of the attack was Artemio Moriya Sánchez, brother of the municipal president.

The attack, carried out by an armed criminal cell, took place in the center of the town. Artemio Moriya Sánchez was wounded in the process.

Initial reports from regional security sources indicate that among the fatalities were a municipal policeman and three civilians. The wounded included two security personnel and one civilian. All of the injured were quickly taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

This attack is not an isolated incident. The municipal president's family has previously been the target of armed attacks. Last July, Yoshio Moriya, nephew of Mayor Artemio Moriya, was shot dead on Tacámbaro's Libramiento Oriente.

Tacámbaro, Michoacán


  1. Surgical strike Michoacan style

    Semper Fi

  2. This is my father’s hometown and the home, where I would visit my grandmother every couple years. I love this little mystic town, roamed it with impunity, not a care in the world. I remember walking from the center of town to a ranch on a hill on Christmas Eve for a party with young adults I hardly knew. (Got back home at 3am) the streets still lit with fogatas.
    Loved hitting the plaza for the enchiladas and little tacos. I would have breakfast every day in the corner across the street from the jail and church. Then I would stop by the computer station and Billards to play pool on the way back down the hill, back to where my grandmother lived across the street from the elementary school, the same and only school my father attended. I remember vividly the sounds of Indian drums coming from the elementary school that serves as an alarm to wake up the town kids in the morning.

    Saludos Tacámbaro y Nocupétaro!

    My mothers hometown Los Guerra, Tamps.
    so sad it’s becoming extremely difficult to visit our homeland.

  3. Tacambaro is a fresh little mountain town with fresh pine smell I had nice time there also people were super friendly. Sad to see this town witnessing these atrocities by terrorist cartels

  4. Most of you clowns slyly support these cartels and criminality now you whine about you cant go back and blame everyone else


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