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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Searching Mothers Found Clandestine Crematory In Tlaquepaque: Jalisco

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

After discovering the find, the group made a live transmission

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

Various dental pieces such as molars and others, as well as hundreds of bone segments were found around a clandestine crematory oven, which was used by criminals to dispose of human bodies and was found by the Searching Mothers of Jalisco, in San Pedro Tlaquepaque.

The collective made a Facebook broadcast on its official page, in which Indira Navarro, leader of the group, described the scene as a cemetery.

"We just found a crematorium a while ago, unfortunately it is an infinity of burnt human remains. It is practically a cemetery, we cannot imagine the magnitude of how many bodies could have been burned here, since there are charred bones everywhere. We know that they are from human bodies because of the porosity and the knowledge we have".

In the anonymous complaint they mentioned to them that when the oven is turned on in the daytime, it means that at night incinerations would take place.

"It is still on, this is the oven they call it, crematorium. All those little white spots you see, those are pieces of bones. They leave it on for days. They told us that two days ago they had turned it on," he said.

Last August, the State Prosecutor's Office had already found a brick factory in Lagos de Moreno, which was also used by organized crime to disintegrate bodies.

The group received reports that two days ago they had set fire to the oven created at the bottom of a mound of earth, near the street Sauce and via Manzanillo in the aforementioned neighborhood.

When they arrived at the site, the oven was still burning and smoke was coming out.

Hundreds of segments of human bones were found in the vicinity of the site.

On August 20, the State Prosecutor's Office confirmed what was an open secret, that organized crime was using brick kilns to incinerate people. That oven was found in the La Orilla del Agua neighborhood during the search for the five missing youths.

At that time, machetes were found, as well as other implements to carry out this macabre action. Upon exploring the land where there were bones, it was determined that they corresponded to at least two people.

Five men, who had specific functions within the criminal cell in charge of disintegrating bodies, were arrested for this discovery in the brick factory.



  1. Supposedly Mario Gonzalez jr is dead

  2. Tlaquepaque before the killing of Cholo was a CNP stronghold. Maybe it still is, it's being fought over or some other criminal groups have taken control of it. No bodies, no evidence of murders.
    Just another city in México where killers ply their trade and the mediocre government refuses to try to uphold the rule of law. No money = no action.

  3. Tlaqueplaque outside the center was somehow scary to walk around but ok. But this year, it was different. Much more fucked up houses and addicts. Did not walk that much around. Not sure if its due to covid or jalisco vs Sinaloa, just sad.

  4. There’s a this gay vlogger from Guadalajara who got kidnapped about 2 years ago and said he was being held hostage in a mansion and that they had an incinerator where they would burn multiple bodies a day


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