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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Mexicali, Baja California: Cousin of El Omega" and "El Taquiza" Arrested At Border Crossing

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Elements of the State Security and Investigation Force (FESC) secured a priority target wanted by the United States, whose government accuses him of drug trafficking.

This is Luis Eduardo Lozano Junior, originally from El Centro, California, who was captured after backing out of his intention to cross into his country of birth by elements of the FESC's International Liaison Unit.

According to intelligence information, Luis Eduardo is a cousin of Felipe Eduardo, alias "El Omega'; and Christian Jael Barajas Lozano, known as "El Taquiza" - innocent until their responsibility is determined, according to article 13 of the CNPP - alleged operators of Los Rusos; the former has already been captured and the latter is considered a priority target in Mexicali.

The capture took place around 7:30 p.m. on October 3 in the vicinity of the Pasadena neighborhood, after Lozano Junior, accompanied by his mother, had decided against crossing into the United States.

Agents had been tracking him for days, but found an opportunity to capture him when he was returning from his intentions to cross into the United States. Apparently he was on his way to his home located in the Pasadena neighborhood, when state agents decided to stop him, right next to the CERESO prison of Mexicali located on Calle Sur.

It seems that he had already located that he was being pursued, but it was not enough to avoid the action of the preventive authorities.

After his capture, his general information was checked. It was confirmed that he was the same person and that he had an active arrest warrant for the crime of drug trafficking, according to document 23cr00904-BAS-, signed by the US Marshall.

A document in possession of ZETA states that while the subject was being handed over to the authorities, an agent of the FESC, named Sergio Chávez Mondaca, went to the scene and had a somewhat atypical conversation with the accused.

According to the official document signed by the apprehending agents, said agent told the detainee in a direct manner "I told you to keep a low profile, to calm down, were you working as an electrician?"

The text refers that the detainee answered "yes", but also asked him to contact his relatives so that he could let them know that he was under arrest. The same official document refers that agent Chávez Mondaca told him that tomorrow he would notify his brother.

It was at that moment that the communication between both was cut off, which generated an uneasiness with those involved in the capture.

It is presumed that Luis Eduardo was part of the criminal group known as Los Rusos.

Zeta Tijuana


  1. Any updates on omega ? Is he getting transfer to U.S … staying in MX or did he get released lol.

    1. Why would he get transferred to the US?

    2. You might be thinking about Tolin infante. He does have an extradition order against him but I haven’t heard any updates regarding his case

    3. He got released. All of them get released within 48 hours. It's common knowledge here in mexicali. The arresting officers always mess up the paperwork or ride them around in the patrol trucks for hours and the times don't coincide which gives the judge grounds to throw out the case $$$ talks. Nata was recently released as well. They get released and get out of dodge for a couple months until it cools down for them

  2. Whatever happened to tiling infante? Is he still in a Mexican jail?


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