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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

'El Roy' Prosecuted For The Case Of The Brick Ovens In Lagos De Moreno Where Bodies Were Incinerated: Jalisco

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

This Sunday was when the hearing of "El Roy" took place.

Photo courtesy: state's prosecutors office  

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

A criminal judge initiated criminal proceedings against Rogelio M. alias "El Roy", for the case of the brick kilns that were used to incinerate bodies, however he was not linked to the disappearance of the five missing youths from Lagos de Moreno.

This Sunday a hearing was held in which Rogelio was sentenced to trial for his probable participation in the commission of crimes related to the disappearance of people in a brick factory located in the La Orilla del Agua neighborhood. 

The kiln was discovered on August 20 after a series of investigations. During the inspection, human remains of at least two people were found, but their identities have not been identified.

After the discovery of the two unidentified deceased persons (PFSI) in the brick kiln, ministerial work was carried out, with which the probable relationship of the accused in the crime was accredited and an arrest warrant was requested.

By means of an operation implemented by the Investigation Police, he was arrested and placed at the disposal of the jurisdictional body, which decided to initiate proceedings against him for the aforementioned crime.

In addition, he will be remanded in custody for one year, as a precautionary measure, at the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The State Prosecutor's Office did not disclose why he was not charged for the disappearance of Roberto Carlos Olmeda Cuellar, Diego Alberto Lara Santoyo, Uriel Galvan Gonzalez, Dante Cedillo Hernandez and Jaime Adolfo Martinez Miranda.




  1. @El Mickeyson
    I think about the leadership of CJNG in Zapotlanejo. Apparently there is a big trafficker under that banner there.

    I don't believe RR has been arrested so I don't understand why Sedena would show that?

    That 04 Cuco of Zona Metro GDL looks like a real fucking filthy piece of shit. Strikes me as the type with an excessive amount of pride over who he is. I hate those types of fucking monkeys in power. They are a handful in their plazas around downtown. Acting like owners of the world. One tried to exert his power over me once. If the devil had gave me a gun out there I would've put one between his eyes. There is no room in my world where I can stand in support of those types. Disgusting. Evil for evil is the way in that world.

    -Adn tapatio en Chicago

    1. thank you for your comment as well as to everyone that makes comments.

      so the chart that I shared is kinda old its from the Guacamaya leaks and yes El RR has been captured numerous times and has been released.

      El RR was born in Guadalajara and rose through the ranks of CJNG. El RR joined back during the war against La resistencia.

      El cuco 04 of zona metro gdl, I believe his a former military and was most likely killed by Juan Carlos el 03. Basically El 3 the famous stepson of Mencho was given power and started to get rid of anyone that worked for Menchito. Juan Carlos El 3 specifically choose El RR to become important in the CJNG leadership.

    2. Thank you for your service CIA agent Char (⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀)︻̷┻̿═━一- naw but great read you think Mexico is fucked since leaders usually get release on the low? kind of sad

    3. @Char

      What evidence do you have to reinforce your assumptions of "El 3" killing menchit0s operators?

    4. Char I have heared that supposedly el sapo left to Colombia because he wasn't cool that RR got more rank than him since they say El 3 has more of a say now


  3. New group out in michoacan tierra caliente according to my cousins out there .. FEL .. fuerzas especiales Limon led by chito Cano bajo las ordenes del jardinero objetivo aniquilar al migueladas

    1. Sounds like Los mismos pendejos de antes, ahora con un nuevo nombre.

    2. FEL:Fuerzas Especiales Limones=Feliciano Ledezma Ramírez "Chano Limones/Ledezma/Peña"?
      Según JULG el le está peleando a MAGG.

  4. One of solutions for mexican folk and goverment is to declare state of war for one month and made big clean up operation of cleaning everybody who ever took a gun to kill other people because of drugs.Around milion people in mexico have to be sent to cielos J.St

  5. Most people wld use a brick oven to make pizza wtf.

    1. At 721 looooool
      You’re correct.
      Sooo this is a Mexican pizza?????
      I sit there and think if I would do that to my people. If I was living in Dominican Republic. Mannnnn and I was raised in the country. And just loved it. Loved the land. I’m not sure that I would want to desecrate my people. I know we should all see each others as equals. But that’s wishful thinking.
      But overall I see Mexican people and In almost every series I’ve seen. You guys are very proud of your heritage and so forth. So I dont understand the whole killing, and desecrating each other and calling each other dogs and the famous “ hijo de tu puta madre” which is horrible. Overall.
      Rubio NYC

    2. It's a Hybrid Pizza/Human Cremation Oven. Pizza business went dry during Covid, many people getting killed in Mexico business is booming.

    3. 826 Don Rubio you are a hippy and have no ill feelings about your fello out, and kill others.w man. You must understand that evil is real and it has infected these narcos. They don't care or love their fellow mexicanos. They only have greed, anger, and selfishness in their hearts. This explains how they can smoke jale, zone out, and kill strangers or their homies.

    4. Rubio there's no need to understand barbaric brutality and violence been around as old as time

    5. @9.22. Sorry dude. I was waiting for a punchline. They are EVIL because they smoke jale, zone out and kill their homies? What are you talking about?

  6. Huy! a su concubina que jura la honorabilidad de su malandro ha de andar muy enojada.


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