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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Army Seizes Clandestine Laboratory In Sinaloa De Leyva: Sinaloa

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from NOROESTE 

It was in the town of Las Taunas, in the Sinaloa Municipality, where the military found condensers, chemical precursors, and drums.

A clandestine laboratory for the production of synthetic drugs was located and dismantled by elements of the Mexican Army in the town of Las Taunas, in the municipality of Sinaloa de Leyva.

Through a press release, the Sedena informed that Mexican Army personnel learned that illegal activities were being carried out in the town of Las Taunas.

That is why the military intensified reconnaissance and surveillance patrols in Sinaloa Municipality, allowing military personnel to locate an active clandestine laboratory.

At the site they seized four condensers, 11 gas tanks of 30 kilos each, 89 drums and 13 drums of 60 liters with chemical precursors.

They also located 15 containers of different capacities with various chemicals and 13 sacks.

"The seized items were handed over to the competent authorities, so that investigations and expert actions can be carried out to determine their situation and proceed to dismantle them, in order to prevent these types of places from being used for the production of synthetic drugs that affect the health and integral development of Mexican youth," the statement said.





  1. That's el Marmelo's operation, he's very low key.

    1. So low that even you know him 😂

    2. 4:58
      Your comment is terribly cruel.
      And very funny!

  2. Those are little gifts the cartel gives to the Gov, just to get them off their backs for a while.

  3. Sinaloa de Leyva todavia es BLO, heard Chuy Gonzalez switched to Caro Quintero team but I don't know


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