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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Tierra Colorada, Guerrero: The Federación Guerrense Announce A Purge

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Since March of 2023 a new armed group, Federación Guerrerense, rose up against the Familia Michoacana. Narco messages by them during this time were disseminated in the towns of Chilpancingo, Tlapa, Taxco, Cocula, Tepecoacuilco, Iguala, Juan R. Escudero (Tierra Colorada) and the Costa Grande of Guerrero.

Chief among their complaints they spoke of being tired of the kidnappings, extortion and extortion. They also claimed that they don’t mess with public servants, mayors, or deputies. And that they were coming after the Familia Michoacana because they didn’t know how to respect the townspeople. 

Their armed uprising is against La Familia Michoacana and its main leaders, brothers Johnny and Jose Alfredo Hurtado Olascoaga.

Video translation is as follows:

This is a communique for all the citizens in Tierra Colorada. We are the Federación Guerrerense. And we want to make known that starting today a new purge is in place. In order to finish off the rest of the scumbags that are left over. Apparently they feel that they’re still the owners of this drug corridor. They’re letting everyone know this, calling people and threatening to kill family members if anyone refuses to work for them. We are a real cartel and we’re coming after all you assholes. 

Be fucking ready. Starting today things are going to get fucking rough here. For all those fucking individuals who are working them: spies, turncoats, crystal meth dealers, and buyers. We’re going to fucking destroy you guys. I want to make it very clear for everyone in the town of Tierra Colorada. I don’t want to see any crystal meth dealers here. Everyone who likes to sell that shit better be on the lookout. Because you’re all going to pay for your actions if we catch you dealing on the streets. 

This shit is now over or has to be over. It seems like you guys didn’t listen beforehand. So now we’re coming after every son of a bitch. Too much bullshit has been happening here lately. A good example of this is when you killed that lady from the public transportation services here in Tierra Colorada. She was brought to the town of Plan de Lima with deception. The worst part is that her loved ones had to travel all the way to that town to recover her remains. That was just straight up bullshit on your end. The same goes for the public transportation personnel. Be fucking ready as well. 

Don’t think that because we don’t bother or frighten you guys we’re not in position here in Tierra Colorada. We’re currently in town and we’re going to fucking continue being here. We will only be going after specific targets. Those individuals who are working with Los Ardillos. There will also be a curfew starting tonight at 10 pm. We no longer want to see anyone out on the street. No one will be allowed to be outside drinking or doing any other shit. If we run into anyone we’re going to kill every asshole we catch. It’s a guarantee you will lament having done otherwise. 

Let it be made clear that we as Federación Guerrerense won’t be calling anyone or any business to extort them. We’re not about that bullshit. We don’t like doing such things nor were we taught to do this. We work for an actual cartel. And this cartel dedicates itself to just committing actual work gentlemen. We have a list here of all those faggots that are still left to be captured. Soon enough we will catch you assholes. Come on out to that armed confrontation if you think you’re such hot shit. Don’t bother killing innocent civilians or calling and threatening them that a refusal to work will result in the death of family members. 

We will end up killing your family members if that’s the type of fucking war that you want. All of your family members, uncles, cousins, brothers, it doesn’t fucking matter. Whoever and whatever is found in your fucking homes will be burned the fuck down. If that’s how you want us to operate then that’s what you’re going to get from us. It’s best that you relocate your families. Otherwise, we’re going to fucking destroy them. 

This goes for you Isaí Realejo, Alex Chiminin, in the same manner that I went to take out your father you also will be taken out you son of a bitch, Santiago Alejo, José Dolores Juárez Lolis, Gabriel Jiménez, Lito Sergio Flores Adame, David Morales aka El Cabezas, Ruth Delgado Punky aka La Pewi, Omar Ibarra Rastas, Tońo Oscar Santos Niga, Caritina Hernández, Javier Carvajal, Mamachichi (Tit Sucker), Ignacio González, and Armando Moreno aka El Negro.  

Everyone who is supporting these individuals better be fucking ready for what’s coming. The same goes for all the spies and crystal meth dealers. This purge is going to be implemented evenly against everyone. You and your families will pay in the same manner that you made innocent civilians pay you sons of bitches. It seems that this is what you want. Therefore you guys will be dealt the same hand. Be fucking ready. As of today the purge begins. The Federación Guerrerense will be the only thing that fucking rules here. 

Noventa Grados  Liga de Guerreros


  1. I'm curious to know who that guy Tit Sucker is. Talk about some weird ass monikers. 😆

    1. Saludos Sol. These mantas posted in each picture less the last two which are maps, are the printing stores on the payroll of the cartel or do they have guns to there head to make them or else?

    2. Money is money. These printing shops could care less how they go about making that money.

    3. There are many of such stores, mexicans have big families, combine both and you will find a family member running one. Someone i meet said „a pig always find another pig“. And the way we meet, i meet many ppl like him. So he was right. Thats how the game works.

  2. Another Purge is coming, time to lock up and load all weapons.

  3. FM has been getting wrecked by these guys lately, they mightve met their match.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you sir. Hearst and her inspirational ways keep me so motivated.

    2. Pinche Sol suertudo

  5. The main man here is probably a chapulines,these Guerrerense get well naughty they fuckin love it

  6. Lol LFM has been there before and will be there after. All the guys in this video will die. Heros die thr worst

  7. Sounds like another jalisca shell group. Lets start the carnage.


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