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Friday, September 1, 2023

Store Shot Up, Narco Messages, Drug Labs - Criminal Violence in Mexico Roundup - August 31, 2023

 By "Enojon" and "El Huaso" For Borderland Beat

The contributors at Borderland Beat aim to cover newsworthy and relevant stories related to organized crime and security in Mexico. However, this means that we sometimes miss the many small footprints left by organized crime groups around the country. This article aims to cover more of these events which do not merit a full article.  

Guanajuato, León - One was killed after gunmen shot up a corner store reported AM Noticias.

Guanajuato, San Francisco del Rincón - A 16-year old boy was killed in a targeted hit after several armed men on motorbikes opened fire on him, reported AM Noticias.

Mexico State, La Paz - A mutilated corpse was tossed on the side of the road with a messaged signed by CJNG, reported El Grafico

Photograph by israellorenzana on Twitter

Mexico State, Ecatepec de Morelos -  Human remains were located alongside train tracks in the El Chamizal community, no confirmation has been made regarding the identity of the remains, reported El Heraldo de Mexico.   

Tamaulipas, Nuevo Laredo - Four men, several weapons, vests, and ammunition were seized after a traffic stop, reported the Guardia Nacional in a press release.

Culiacan, Carboneras & La Higuerita - Five clandestine laboratories were dismantled by security forces and seized 15,850 kg of methamphetamine, 7,610 kg of chemical precursors and various equipment, reported the Secretariat of the Navy 

Footage by azucenau on Twitter

Puebla, San Miguel Xoxtla - One Municipal Police officer was killed and two were injured during a shootout with gunmen, after successfully repelling the attack four suspects were arrested, reported La Silla Rota.


  1. el fresa lider de blancos de la troya killed in buenavista

  2. Wow 1600kgs of meth add that the to 200k TONS they’ve already collected so far this year so how much do y’all think is bing made if 1600kgs are 3527lbs and in San Diego ( where I’m at ) a pound sells for $900-$1k a pound so in San Diego that load would be worth $3,527,000

    1. The kind of money behind all the other stories of death and destruction in this article. Without a demand, there would be no supply.

    2. The demand isn't so great if the value of the product is so poor.
      16oz ÷$1000=$62.50 per oz
      Being very generous at 3 doses per gram you end up with 84-85 doses in an oz.
      $30 per gram × 28g=$840 retail
      Real profit or illusion?
      Every MF giving credit from wholesale to user bags = a lot of product not being paid for since everybody's got it and will front.
      Blue pills? Probably worse margins.
      Get killed in CLN for producing and moving them apparently .
      Jail/prison sentences?
      Mid terms or high terms using public attys. Paid atty going to con your ass out of your small fortune. Nadie sabe para quién trabaja.
      Sintéticos are garbage because the quality isn't there.
      Want to be a part of all the butchering happening in México?
      Keep sending those POS money.

    3. 08:15 it says 15 Thousand 850 kilograms not 1500.

  3. Told you all… the cartels likely make 500+ pounds (half a ton) of meth per DAY..

    1. 1 standard ton is 2,000lbs.
      1 metric ton is 2,200lbs.

    2. Half a ton would be 1000lbs my guy.

    3. Thanks for correcting my math… perhaps I am still right however (1000 lbs per day)

  4. Blast from the Past:


  5. 3 CDG members were also killed by the Guardia Estatal in Díaz Ordaz, Tamaulipas.


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