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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Police Ambushed in Guerrero, Sinaloa Narco Message in BC - Criminal Violence in Mexico Roundup - September 6, 2023

By "Buggs" and "El Huaso" For Borderland Beat

The contributors at Borderland Beat aim to cover newsworthy and relevant stories related to organized crime and security in Mexico. However, this means that we sometimes miss the many small footprints left by organized crime groups around the country. This article aims to cover more of these events which do not merit a full article.

Baja California, Tijuana - A body was left with a narco message signed by the Sinaloa Cartel, according to a Twitter nota roja account. 

Chiapas, Los Tulipanes - 68 families have been forced to flee their homes due to violence between criminal groups namely “El Maíz”, a faction aligned with the CJNG, reported Latinus.

Guerrero, Tierra Colorado - Four Juan R. Escudero Municipal police officers were killed and another four were wounded when their vehicles were ambushed by armed men. Among the men killed is Juan R. Escudero's police chief.

Baja California Sur, Los Cabos - A foreigner who arrived on a flight from Dallas, Texas was arrested by the National Guard with 49,000 USD in cash and some marijuana reported Zeta Tijuana.

Zacatecas, Guadalupe - Six men were killed after gunmen attacked a racquetball court, reported El Universal.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The U.S. Marshalls arrested a man in Albuquerque, New Mexico for illegal entry into the country on Monday. That suspect, 24-year-old Ivan Gustavo Hernandez-Cabral who is wanted in Mexico for his involvement in an ambush in Sonora, Mexico, where nine American were killed.

Hernandez-Cabral is pending an extradition to Mexico, according to the U.S. Marshals.

A total of six children and three women were killed in the fatal ambush on Nov. 4, 2019 in an area about 70 miles (110 km) south of the Mexico–United States border. Gunmen opened fire on a three-car convoy enroute to a wedding carrying residents of the isolated La Mora community, which is predominantly composed of American Mexican "independent Mormons." A drug cartel is believed to be behind the attack.


  1. Another detained for lebaron massacre? How do they know he was there. Seems like the whole cartel was there that night even the rivals lmao

  2. I’m confused.. so the manta was left in Guerrero? If so, can we attest that most (if not all) the ongoing violence right now in GRO is CJNG?

    And why does the photo show a manta signed by CDS? Was that from the Baja incident?

    1. Sorry - I made a mistake with the title. It was a CDS manta. The events in the title are two separate ones.

      Still figuring out how to use the title to give a preview of the many events the article covers

      Thanks for your comment!

    2. Don’t be sorry, your reporting is always appreciated none the less!

    3. @Huaso — have you thought of making one collage pic of the multiple photos? I know on droid and iPhone there’s a lot of free collage making apps; wouldn’t doubt if the same is for PC/Mac..

  3. In other news, some malandro maniaco threw a "bomba Molotov" into the crowd in the Acapulco zócalo anoche..
    Having fun in the Mexican Riviera..

  4. Also, in Ciudad Juarez, a group of police officers who were out patrolling late at night were attacked by cartel gunmen. The police officers shot back and managed to wound two of their attackers. They arrested the two men wounded and arrested a third attacker shortly afterwards. One of the sicarios who was wounded ended up dying in the hospital.

    1. Of course one of the sicarios died at the hospital lol.. I would hate to be that other guy..

      “Help nurse I’m in pain!!”


  5. It's CRAZY how DISTRACTED everyone is by Tiktok.
    I remember when Massacres of 6 people used to make the news Internationally... nowadays it doesn't even get reported by the US news media.
    And if it is reported, not enough people will SEE IT to make a big deal out of it!


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