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Friday, September 15, 2023

Parás, Nuevo León: Civilian Force Helicopter And Armed Men Clash

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A Fuerza Civil helicopter clashes with armed men on board pickup trucks and unleashes a chase to the border with Tamaulipas.

A confrontation between armed men in two pickup trucks who were trying to rob a trailer and members of the Fuerza Civil unleashed a chase that extended from Parás and Agualeguas to the border with Tamaulipas.

State authorities, with the support of the Army, secured 13 long arms and a vehicle with bullet impacts, where there were blood stains.

In the scuffle, in which the criminals used a .50 caliber barret rifle against the aircraft, no damage or wounded officers were reported.

Gerardo Palacios Pámanes, head of State Public Security, explained in his X account that the confrontation was the result of an attempted assault against a truck driver.

"Between Agualeguas and Parás, a rural area of the state, the crew of a Fuerza Civil helicopter detected an attempted assault against a tractor-trailer operator.

"The criminals were traveling aboard two pickup trucks that had already been spotted after a previous sighting and chase," said the police chief.

He explained that the assailants opened fire against the aircraft and the snipers proceeded to repel the aggression, managing to drive the offenders away beyond the guardrail.

He said that in a matter of minutes the Mexican Army, which was patrolling near the site, was on patrol.

In the place they seized 13 long arms, among which there was a .50 caliber, two pick up trucks with bullet impacts, where blood stains can be seen inside the units. It is presumed that some criminals escaped wounded.

The area is already being searched by state and federal authorities.

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