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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Ovidio Guzman Lopez Traveled Aboard the Same Plane Used for "El Chapo's" Extradition

 "Socalj" for Borderland Beat

15 Sep 2023 Toluca (TLC) Teterboro (TEB) (XB-NWD) 4:13 Flight Time  Departed 11:07 AM   Landed 5:20 PM

This reads the flight tracking data of the Bombardier Challenger 605 jet XB-NWD that was used to extradite Ovidio "El Ràton" Guzman-Lopez to the United States. Ovidio is currently the only son of "El Chapo" in custody on either side of the border.  The plane, owned by the Mexican FGR, was the same that flew the now-imprisoned for-life former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel back in 2016. 

We wonder if he was seated in the same location as his father once sat.

Ovidio's Extradition Operation

"El Ratón" was taken from the Altiplano prison in the State of Mexico around 11:00AM on the morning of September 15, 2023, and taken to the Toluca International Airport in a helicopter from the Attorney General's Office. There are reports that the operation lasted less than 40 minutes.

He then boarded a plane bound for the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, United States. El Ratón traveled on a plane owned by the Attorney General's Office (FGR) of Mexico. In May 2016, the same plane also took his father, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, to the United States. 

Unofficial information had initially led to reports that Ovidio was taken by helicopter by Interpol agents from the federal prison in Altiplano to be transferred to the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and then extradited to the United States.

American media outlets such as ABC News and NBC News reported that El Ratón is currently in Chicago, Illinois, where he has an open indictment following investigations by HSI ICE and the FBI.

Ovidio Guzmán also has a drug trafficking charge issued by the Washington D.C. court as well since the Sinaloa Cartel is accused of the production importation and distribution of fentanyl. Likewise, El Ratón is accused of crimes against health, trafficking of substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana; carrying a firearm, and inciting crime, in addition to bribing officials and carrying out murders and kidnappings.

Flight to New Jersey

The destination of the plane was Teterboro Airport, a small 19-hanger airport in New Jersey. The airport, built initially in 1917 was the first airport in the New York area.

The airport is owned and managed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and operated by AFCO AvPORTS Management. The airport is in the New Jersey Meadowlands and is only 12 miles from Midtown Manhattan, which makes it popular for private and corporate aircraft.

It is possible that Ovidio was initially flown from Mexico to New Jersey as a misdirection. So that it may have appeared he would possibly be transferred to a prison in New York, but according to US media, including the Chicago Sun-Times; Ovidio ended up in Chicago, Illinois.

The initial reports of being transferred from prison to the Mexico City Airport may have been a possible decoy as well to prevent violence and/or rescue attempts by the Los Chapitos faction of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Possible Flight to Chicago

The reported time of landing for the jet from Mexico was 5:20PM. There are no flights listed on Flight Radar going to Chicago after that for the remained of the day. However, there was a private jet, EJM405 that landed at Teterboro at 4:18PM and left for Chicago (PWK) at 4:55 PM. The departure flight was initially scheduled for 4:00PM. The plane flew in from Washington, D.C. Dulles Airport an hour earlier (later than initially scheduled as well).

4:00 PM EJM405
Chicago (PWK) Netjets GLF4 (N405QS)
Departed 4:55 PM

That Netjets flight was operated by a private jet charter company called Executive Jet Management. This plane is a Gulfstream G450 with the identification N405QS.

Ovidio is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, awaiting arraignment.

Security Ramps Up in Culiaćan

Once the news was confirmed in the media, the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Culiacán, Sinaloa, announced that, due to the situation of El Chapo's son, some streets and avenues would be closed. Likewise, an operation was activated to guarantee the safety of those attending the Government Palace, where the Cry of Independence will be given to celebrate the national holidays.

No incidents have been reported.

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  1. Why Chapo and chapitos men his wife etc all extradited but z40 stays still running cdn I think cdn must be making soo much money from Nuevo Laredo he’s paying big to stay z40 might be the most powerful capo in Mexico they seem terrified of him

    1. The DEA made a novela about el chapo and that all the USA knows.

    2. Yeah it make me wondered why z40 has not been let go. But guess money talks in Mexico. Also I think it’s because the USA agencies want someone to blame for the fentanyl crisis and their crackheads so they will throw Guzman. To make daddy Biden look good. Lmao old ass media tactic just watch.

    3. All the more reason to decapitate that animal.

    4. Thank you for the compliment

    5. I really think that Ovidio has a deal with the US. No way they would have extradited him so quickly if it wasn't the case. Look at RCQ, Z40, Adan Salazar Zamorano arrested in 2011, extradited this year, Jesus Alfredo Salazar "El Muneco" arrested in 2012, still in Mexico, Abigael Gonzales Valencia "El Cuini", still in Mexico and so on...

    6. 131 am that's a negative chief .. z40 is relatively irrelevant at this point lol CDN is a minor organization to the gringos they dint give a shit about them . La chapiza on the other hand is active and involved in the fentanyl game which is what the gringos are after

    7. Still shocking they got Ovid up before they got RCQ

    8. Ovido is probably shocked as well

    9. Z40 is being humiliated by staying in Mexico.

    10. @9:15am. Caro Quintero paid his crimes. USA want him as a trophy and should not be extradited just to please the USA ego.

    11. 915 I did the shocked face like the Israeli model free palestine....

    12. Los chapitos en venganza de las condiciones en q tienen a su papa el chapo en la prision de Forence se pusieron a inundar de Fentanyl las calles de Estados Unidos..ellos saben q esa es una droga prohibida pero el enojo q tienen por las condiciones en q se encuentra el chapo los hizo tomar esa decision y ahi estan las consecuencias asi es q si quieren q los extraditen ponganse a traficar con fentanyl doble molestia por tratarse de una droga q proviene de China

    13. Z40 just isn’t as important to the US anymore. He managed to avoid extradition during Peña Nieto’s term which was when the US was really interested in the Zetas. Zetas under Z40 never trafficked in fentanyl, and Zetas have been reduced to a shell of their former power, which is why he is less valuable to the US than Chapitos are now.

    14. @01:38 Viva Israel Güey 🇮🇱

      Wow that is one hot Israeli chic. 🤣 Hey don't touch! Those titties ain't kosher

    15. Z40 is just as famous as chapos sons I’m from Europe and everyone who has a slight interest in cartels has heard of z40 he’s known as the most brutal capo of the drug war and he also had people killed on American soil he definitely has alot of cash he’s the soul owner of Nuevo Laredo the most lucrative plaza

  2. lo gringos tienen la vaselina lista pa dejar se la caer.

    1. Asta crees que le van a echar vacelina, le van a echar arena para que le raspe mas bien 😂

  3. when can we expect to see his mugshot?

  4. Damn, they rolled out the red carpet for that big homie Rat

  5. 1:31 I always wondered the same, seems so weird to me! He either knows too much, collaborated with politicians and presidents or just has the cash to keep going! I terstesimg to actually find out why, what, when, and how lol..

  6. Whoa, almo pulled the trigger and sent ovidio to US. I'm shocked...I really am.

  7. Soon he will be true to his name

  8. Chapitos are not smart, they will all get caught/killed.

    1. Let me guess, you were also saying the Chapitos would never have any power and why would
      Anyone listen to some
      Spoiled brats? Back in the day huh lol

    2. 9:17 let me guess you were also saying Ovidio would never get caugh let olone ever be extrdited 😂😂😂😂🤣😂

    3. 06:39 yup, next is Ivan Alfredo Carlos and the entire team of inbred culeros. DEA dead.

      Hahahaha, that's a wrap. Maybe OG Shadow will get a ticket back home behind the wall too.

  9. Ovidio’s Bureau of Prisons number is 72884-748. He is detained at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago

    1. What's Ovidio's US inmate ID number!? I want to be a pen pal with El Raton. Put some money on his books and stuff

  10. I hope he had a great flight ;)

  11. He had got away from the soldiers, he only returned to his home after they threatened to kill his wife and kids and that’s how he got caught. You can talk smack all you want but he did the honorable thing. CDS needs to unite under Mayo’s umbrella (or sombrero).

    1. 😂😂😂😂 en que corrido escuchaste esa mamda? Ese corrido no lo he escuchado. CDS should unite under Menchos umbrella 😉

    2. Crazy dude was a fool for going back the army wouldn’t have killed his family but now he’s never gonna see them again

  12. I’m pretty much losing faith in sicario 006 at this point…..

  13. You're next Ivan👀

  14. Chapo: I left you some coffe and cookies on the plane for you to enjoy mijo.

  15. I literally just binged watch all 3 seasons of Narcos: Mexico about a week ago. This is prettying poignant/trippy. Wew. Karmic debt is real.

    1. stop watching that fake stuff, its nothing comparable to the real thing

    2. 12:08 its not all fake but it is not even 5% of what really goes on

    3. Please explain/give points of the show that seem false/not realistic (not a whole essay, but some issues that had you aggravated).

  16. "Guzmán de apellido es Ovidio
    Su padre de niño
    Le apodó el Ratón
    Un jefe con mucho cerebro
    Es hijo del Chapo
    Aquel señorón
    En Jesús María creció
    De sangre caliente y de acción
    Trae gente y son puros pintos
    Con sus lanza papas es un equipón
    Aprecio al 90 el Güerito
    Él es mi compadre
    Firmes mi viejón
    Amigos tengo de a montón
    Apoyo y respaldo les doy
    Soy El Ratón
    Soy Ovidio soy Guzmán hijo del Chapo
    Soy hermano de Alfredito y de Archivaldo
    Y Por cierto me disculpo
    Por lo del Culiacanazo
    Yo no peleé
    Pues la vida de mis hijas fue primero
    Y agradezco a la plebada el jueves negro
    Se rifaron por mi cuero
    Con todos los del gobierno
    Respeto y a lo que ordenen
    Con mis dos hermanos Alfredo e Iván
    Mi madre es mi gran maestra
    Moreno te extraño no te he de olvidar
    Los autos son mi gran pasión
    Navego pura colección
    Me siento más fuerte que nunca
    Saludos Güeritos firmes J A
    Ahijado siempre anda activado
    Y con un antioqueño
    Me pongo relax
    En ranchos y por Culiacán
    Es donde me miran pasear
    Soy El Ratón
    Soy Ovidio soy Guzman hijo del Chapo
    Es difícil no tenerlo aquí a mi lado
    Y me duele que no esté
    Siempre voy a respetarlo
    Hay que seguir
    Pa' delante que la mata sigue dando
    Y el Ratón se le peló de nuevo al gato
    Hay nos vemos chavalada
    La Chapiza sigue al mando"

  17. You people keep asking why don’t they deport z40 etc. but look the Guzmans have money. They can pay I’m sure a lot of things. I think the difference is that raton was pushing fentanyl a lot. And fucking more with the country than z40 I’m sure in some aspects. There’s no was that z40 was pushing more than Chapo when he had people like chupeta etc who trusted him to deliver the goods here more than the other cartels. One thing I’ve learned in all these Hulu documentaries is that these cartels have robbed a lot of coca from the Colombians. And Chapo used to think more long term. So they have money. Also you guys make it sound like Chapo is not a scary person himself. I heard in one of those documentaries how the police went to a room in a hotel. And Chapo and some cartel leader who’s make I can’t think of we’re sitting in the couch laughing and there were body parts and shit. Literally shit and shit smell all over the hotel room and the person was cut to pieces. Sooooo when you do something like that. What makes one more scary than the other? Some people here su the stupidest things without thinking.

    Rubio NYC


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