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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Motozintla, Chiapas: The CJNG Take Out Several Unarmed Individuals

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A video has surfaced of several gunmen from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in the dead of night. Kneeling before them are 4 blindfolded captives. 

The prisoners are all shot at once in the same theatrical manner in which the Cartel de Sinaloa shoots their victims. 

More gunfire than necessary at close range shows us the overkill methods in which they operate. The agonizing screams of the victims can be heard loud and clear as everyone is being viciously gunned down. 

At this time it is believed that their behavior towards their enemies is indicative of sore losers who got fucked over by local spies.

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: This will be the fate of everyone who supports turncoats in the town of Motozintla. We will recuperate Motozintla. All of the Sinaloa gunmen will be killed off you assholes. 

Sincerely, Jalisco New Generation Cartel. 

Long live Mr. Mencho!

Sicario #2: This individual over here is still alive, he’s still alive. 

Sicario #1: Long live Mr. Mencho. 

Sicario #3: Alright let’s get out of here. 

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  1. Supposedly they where innocent civilians and that's why the locals from this area are supporting cds

    1. Definitely innocent who didn’t obey their orders so sad

    2. When los jaliscos execute someone all the cds groupies come out and say that they were innocent and model citizens.

  2. El sapo gaytan y las 4 letras andan echando putasos pa ganar esa plaza clave todavia ay de todo alli golfos zeta treviños cds

    1. Yup, no man's land/plaza yet

    2. El sapo?? No mames. El estado de Chiapas lo esta peleando El señor del los caballos(CJNG).

      you know there's more members than El sapo, la firma, la gallina, el rr?? 🤨

  3. Que bien apoyando a un Individuo cuando nunca en su perra vida lo van a conocer y hacen El trabajo sucio por esa Lacra ya se pudriran en El Infierno Bola De Lacras ya los verwmos en otros videos a uds pero con los contrarios y van a guitar peor que estos retirencen a tiempo ya no agan Maldad.

  4. It's Funny CJNG is just a drop in the bucket compared to CDS

  5. “Arriba el señor mencho, se la quiero chupar” van a decir muy pronto

  6. This has to end I’m in my 50’s and there is no end in sight to the violence in Mexico and the United States.I was downtown in my city Friday and robbery suspects got caught and shot at the police and it was a guy and girl.The cops killed the dude.I say this because I was at a baseball game and you could hear all the sirens.I take this very seriously because my daughter was with me.

  7. I wonder if "senor mencho" even knows who this btches are??

  8. Why are there always comments that support one side?

    The cartels are all shit!

  9. Aribaaa las 4 lettras


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