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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Exploitation Networks Detected: Children From Chiapas Are Used

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In a case involving five minors, they are handled by a person who isn’t even a family member.

Exploitation networks detected: Chiapanecan children are being used

Children from Chiapas who come to Matamoros to be exploited are removed.

A total of nine children from Chiapas are under the custody of the DIF (The National System for Integral Family Development) of Matamoros in the Casa Hogar where they were admitted after being detected in the crossroads of this city, exploited by adults.

The director of the DIF, Miroslava de la Garza Luna, informed that 5 of the 9 minors were being exploited by a person who was not even related to the children, while the rest were already claimed by their parents, but they have not yet complied with all the requirements to hand them over.

He emphasized that this case can already be considered as a "network" of child exploitation by those who come from Chiapas and put the minors to beg for money or juggle dressed as clowns.

He commented that at the moment of detecting these minors they were asked for their parents and they said that they were in Chiapas, they were with someone else, which he considered that it is a tradition there in that state to lend minors to perform this activity, but in Matamoros this practice is prohibited.

He emphasized that within this child population under custody, there is a baby who was used by another minor in an overflow to go around asking for money, a situation that was detected and immediately acted upon.

He stated that the parents of some of the children have already contacted the DIF, but they have not complied with the requirements to be able to hand them over, for this reason they are still under the custody of the authorities.

"We have reinforced our actions to prevent these practices from continuing in this city, since the minors are being exploited, but the worst thing is that it is not their parents with whom they arrive in Matamoros, they’re people who are not even family members," he reiterated.

He assured that some of these minors have already completed the week under this custody, the others were taken to the Casa Hogar on Thursday.

De la Garza Luna indicated that these minors will not be released until the parents comply with all the requirements established by law in these cases.

El Mañana  Casa Hogar


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    1. What in the actual F are you talking about?

    2. 3:15 you clearly forgot that daddy's still here taking your dumb ass out. Might as well get use to it because I'm going to be here for years to come.

    3. "I'll never pause again, never stand still, till death either hath closed these eyes of mine, or fortune given me measure of revenge"

  2. Back in the 90s my dad went to el DF with his brother to work and he said the streets were full of kids from Chiapas that had became addicts

  3. Is this the work of that fraud Marcos?
    Sub-comandante marcos?

  4. De La Garza Luna you have to do that with entire country. Kids never had a chance in Mexicos history. Thats why all my fam left.

  5. That’s the whole point of open borders to traffic children

  6. This happens all over Mexico. The Centro area of Mérida is flooded with small native children begging or selling Chiclets or flowers and allegedly come from Chiapas and exploited by adults.

  7. Could be worse, they just being forced to work. Thought it was gonna be something bad.

  8. Thanks sol for not showing the video of the wetback beating the shit out of some 5year old kids. I hope this guy get caught at some point and dismembered alive


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