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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Armored Vehicle Abandoned After Shootout In The Mountains Of Rosario: Sinaloa

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from Los Noticieristas 

Rosario, Sin.- After a gun battle in the mountains of Rosario, a video began to circulate showing an apparently armored truck abandoned on the side of the dirt road.


In the image it can be seen that the truck has flat rear tires and is in good condition as the windows are not smashed.

It appears that the vehicle was on the slope located before reaching the La Batanga bridge in the Matatán syndicate.

"Video of the traces of the confrontation in El Rosario is circulating; an armored and armored vehicle can be seen, which was recorded around 4:00 p.m. on Friday, when the armed confrontations began near the communities of Matatán and Palmaritos, in the highlands of the municipality."@Luis Alberto Diaz Y Los Noticieristas 

Unofficial information indicates that four people died at the scene.

It was mentioned that the confrontation was between armed civilians, some of them dressed as military personnel.

It was also reported that one of the wounded who was transported to Mazatlán died on arrival at a private clinic.

Of the wounded who were taken to different hospitals in Rosario and Mazatlán, it was reported that one of them was named Víctor, 40 years old, and the other José Manuel, 40 years old, from Durango, both had bullet wounds to the face and thorax.



  1. @ char Yea they’re saying gabito’s people fought each other

  2. Smart...Just shoot the tires. They spend a lot of cash making those trucks.

  3. Who controls Mazatlan?

  4. @3:50 Mazatlán is ran by el 40 and guero islas for los Chapos

  5. @3.50 Mayo’s people.

  6. Dont worry guys its just low level soldiers again......

  7. @6:16pm Chapos run Mazatlán, concordia, escuinapa and El Rosario

  8. @833 — and they’re “finished” too right?? Lol

  9. Andrés pinillo from Twitter/X is saying it was a car accident not a clash 😂

  10. Internal fighting, started 2 weeks ago. Looks like it’s finished now. That monstruo truck was in a music video for a corrido for Gabito by the group Punto Final.

  11. People of Mayo. Going in from Durango. Going to take Concordia, Matatan El Rosario. Agua verde to eventually go in to Nayarit from Zac and Southern Sinaloa and get ground vs CJNG. I am down here and know what time it is


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