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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Warrant Of Z-42, Ex-Leader Of Zetas To Be Resolved In Mexico City; Provisional Suspension Prevents Extradition

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from RIODOCE 

The injunction requested by the former leader of the Los Zetas cartel, Omar Treviño Morales, Z-42, was sent to a federal judge in Mexico City; therefore, the detainee retains the provisional suspension that prevents his extradition.

According to the lists of the Federal Judicature Council, the Sixth District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters in Mexico City admitted for processing the lawsuit filed by Treviño Morales, which was sent to him by the Eleventh District Court in the State of Guanajuato.

In an incidental agreement, the judge decided to maintain the provisional suspension of the plaintiff, so he will not be extradited and will be tried in the country, according to Proceso.

On February 1, Treviño Morales had been denied an injunction seeking to avoid an arrest warrant by federal authorities, as he is accused of being involved in the massacre of Allende, Coahuila, in March 2011.

According to investigations by the Attorney General's Office, Z-42 was also allegedly involved in the Casino Royale fire in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, on August 25, 2011, as well as in the massacre in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, in 2010.

The US government accuses Treviño of coordinating the trafficking of large quantities of cocaine and marijuana along the Coahuila border. He is also implicated in managing horses and transferring funds for that business.

In 2008, case file 08-cr-00244 was opened against him in the Southern District Court of Texas. He is accused of being part of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas since at least 2001.

According to authorities, Z-42 traffics marijuana and cocaine from Nuevo Laredo to the United States and has rented houses in Laredo, Texas, for hitmen to use as safe houses.


  1. You’re telling me that this hateful animal and his brother don’t deserve the death penalty a quick one. And don’t give me that liberal bullshit about innocent people in USA exonerated and let off death row. The tiny % of the innocent ones vs the overwhelming amount of guilty as sun ones

    1. Yes this guy doesnt deserve death penalty, thats to easy.

    2. They’re still in power, clearly…

      Let us not forget, the Zetas made BILLIONS…

    3. @828 -- rotate that N 90 degrees and what do you get?

    4. Cartel De Zeta { N >^Z }

    5. Exactly. i wonder why el elmo do not want these scums to be extradited to the USA. I bet they have info on mex military branches and aduanas mexicanas working with them in the northern states. AS we know the trevino brothers still order from their jail cells to their CDN h03s and then why they want them to steal air.

  2. This dude still crying...smh...

  3. Crazy that he’s managed to not get extradited I doubt he was working with the government

  4. Es lo bueno de seguir teniendo la Clave Z, porque tu Cartel formalmente esta desmantelado y tu organización tiene otro nombre CDN.

    Eres lider de algo que ya no existe formalmente y eso te ayuda a no seguir acumulando delitos aunque tus huestes anden por ahi pero como CDN


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