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Sunday, August 6, 2023

FGR Raids Houses In San José De Las Delicias De Sinaloa Municipality: Sinaloa


This article was translated and reposted from RIODOCE

Elements of the Attorney General's Office of the Republic, supported by the Federal Ministerial Police and elements of the Mexican Army, conducted searches in at least five homes located in this head of Syndicate.

These actions are derived from a court order, ordered after the request made by the Attorney General's Office, as they are part of the scene of a criminal act.

The searches began yesterday, Friday, and will conclude this Saturday, which is why the FGR personnel moved to this place to conclude the work that is part of the investigation file, initiated last Wednesday, after the same authority attested to what happened, violent events that occurred on Friday, July 28, in this mountainous area of the municipality of Sinaloa.

It will be once the proceedings are concluded, when information will be provided on the matter, where it will be determined if they found evidence or any proof that illicit actions had been committed in those places.



  1. Pretty nice house, badass windows and is that like a cupola in the back?
    Looks like neighborhood smartass kids tagged the side of the house, but now maybe painted over..
    Delicias makes me think of Delicias bar in t.j. zona Norte, which reminds me they whacked the gerente of the Hong Kong Gentlemen's Club yesterday, off premises..

  2. Isidro probably has the local barracks in his pockets Calabasa will be executed

    1. 6:51 if Isidiro is powerful like people say then this Calabazas is long gone. Theres quite a few people Calabazas could run to. It depends on Isidiro and who his allies are. Which we will soon most probably get to see.

  3. They shot up his house, didn't see the gaping bullets piercing the walls, and took his family

    Then said come answer for your family

    and he has disappeared

    how did things break down so badly for them?


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