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Thursday, August 17, 2023

El Michoacano, Leader of Pueblos Unidos, Sentenced to 80 Years in Prison

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José Artemio Maldonado aka El Michoacano, the leader of Pueblos Unidos, a criminal organization based in the town of Tula de Allende, Hidalgo, has been sentenced along with seven other members to 80 years of prison according to an official statement issued by the Procuraduría de Justicia del Estado de Hidalgo -Hidalgo´s State Attorney Office- led but the once almighty head of the UIF Santiago Nieto.

Statement issued by the Procuraduría de Justicia de Hidalgo

According to the statement El Michoacano directed a kidnapping operation which took place in Tula de Allende on July 21st 2021 when an individual was kidnapped by several people in his own home. The family reported the crime and the UECS -Special Unit for the Combat of Kidnapping, the Hidalgo´s Public Attorney unit in charge of fighting kidnapping rings- led the investigations during which technology allowed to identify the voice of José Artemio Maldonado as the ultimate responsible for the kidnapping.

The individuals sentenced for the Tula July 2021 kidanpping. José Artemio Maldonado aka El Michoacano is the one in the center of the bottom row

In April 2022 it was made public that El Michoacano was being investigated for several crimes, among them the kidnapping which happened in July 2021 in Tula de Allende.

It must be stressed that El Michoacano was the leader of Pueblos Unidos criminal organization. The group -formerly known as Los Maras or Los Emes- was originally based in Mexicali, Baja California, where they ran extensive kidnapping operations which had migrants as their main victims. It was led by a family clan composed of four brothers and two sisters.

Once their structure in Mexicali was crushed by local authorities they moved back to the south, specifically to the State of Hidalgo, where they relocated in the municipality of la Loma. There, they started preying on multiple criminal activities, including the stealing of oil or huachicoleo. They made themselves known through a video which they uploaded to social media depicting several heavily armed individuals threatening their rivals. At the time authorities labeled the video and the group as amateurish and stressed that the weapons depicted were mere toys as Borderland Beat reported.

El Michoacano got international attention on December 2021 when he and eight other prisoners -among them at least one of his brothers- escaped from Tula´s prison when a professional commando assaulted the facility using tactical vests, assault rifles, a modified armored vehicle used as battering ram and several car bombs which were detonated coordinately to distract attention.

He would later be captured in Mexico City where he was being sheltered by one of his brothers and has been held in prison ever since.l

SOURCES: Twitter, Enfoque Noticias, Borderland Beat


  1. Amazing rapid justice for mx !! Must not of had money available to grease the road to freedom!!

  2. Good article. The armored vehicle escape haha. What a legacy he leaves.

    1. I lowkey admire these guys attempts at freedom they’re pretty outlandish lol

  3. When they raided the prison to rescue this guy …it looked like totally amateur hour …. BUT GOT THE JOB DONE

  4. Now all the government has to do is keep him incarcerated for that term.

  5. Good, that guy was just bringing mayhem where ever he went.
    I doubt he will escape onother time

  6. Locking up those troublemakers is a good thing.

    Randy Carlson

    1. Yep, Randy, you can stomp on a cockroach scurrying across the linoleum, but there's bound to be a mess of 'em still hiding under the fridge..

    2. @Randy Carlson.
      Its an old joke, but still, cos you made what you said sound like a quote for the ages-
      Aristotle- ''To do is to be''
      Plato- ''To be is to do''
      Sinatra playing Juarez- ''Do be do be do be do be do!''

  7. I love Redlog's articles... talk about METICULOUS!!!

    Thank you as always for being one of the greatest journalists on the PLANET! 🦉

  8. @8.32. Yeah, me too. I always look out for Redlog since the illegal mining article.


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