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Saturday, August 19, 2023

City Hall Cleans Up Organized Crime Messages And Cartel Vandalizes Monument Again: Tamaulipas

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This article was translated and reposted from Elefante Blanco 

Editorial Staff EB

Organized crime does not stop confronting the authorities in the town of Los Guerra, in the municipality of Miguel Aleman. This Tuesday, the angel monument was once again painted with the acronym of the Northeast Cartel (CDN), which lasted less than 24 hours.


On Monday morning, August 14, city hall personnel painted the base of the monument, located on the highway that crosses the Ribereña region. Mayor Ramiro Cortez Barrera recorded a video to publicize one of the first actions of the "Rescatemos los Guerra" program.


"This iconic angel that has many years here and has been vandalized "n" times, we ask all the people who have done this to please respect the effort made by the citizens, through the municipal administration", said the municipal president.

This Tuesday morning, the messages were again painted on the base of the monument with the initials of the criminal group and the addition: Tropa del infierno, in reference to the armed wing of the CDN.

Interior admits displacement due to violence

The delegate of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) in Tamaulipas, Felipe Garza Narvaez, acknowledged that there is forced displacement in the town of Los Guerra, in Miguel Aleman.

"Everything that alters the governability calls attention, and of course it is attended every day with the security tables", expressed the federal official.

The federal government had a meeting with the mayor of Miguel Aleman, Ramiro Cortez Barrera, to agree on a strategy that will begin with a tour of the affected towns to assess the extent of the damage and quantify the number of families that have been affected by the violence in the region.

Source: Elefante Blanco 


  1. We constantly read about the displacement of civilians in Mexico. There needs to be more reporting on how the drug war is affecting every day citizens. I recall more than a decade ago that parents stopped sending their children to school in Juarez. I wonder if those kids ever returned to school. Did parents in Tamaulipas, Zacatecas and Sinoloa stop sending their children to school due to the violence also?
    This is a crime in and of itself, denying children their childhoods and the education that they need to succeed. It would be nice to see more news stories on what this violence is doing to children and ordinary families. Americans cannot even imagine the terror that your average Mexican lives through in these war zones. And they won't know this terror unless it's reported on in the English language media.

  2. Lol… clearly CDN were NOT behind this..

  3. How do you know that did they call you or you're a big fan of them because clowns like them and all the others don't respect people much less monuments and culture stupid ignorant nacos they probably don't even know the national anthem de.beto.quintanilla. Mexico down the toilet.unlesd it's cleaned up.


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