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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Brother Of 'Lupe' Tapia Arrested During Operations In Culiacan, Sinaloa

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article translated and reposted from RIODOCE 

A brother of Guadalupe Tapia Quintero, Lupe Tapia, was arrested along with two other people in operations last Monday night and early Tuesday morning in Culiacán.

According to information from the police, the detainee's name is Cesar Tapia Quintero.

Cesar was arrested along with two other people on Justicia Street between Fray Bernardo de Balbuena and Agricultores Boulevard, in the Revolucion neighborhood.


The operation took place last Tuesday in a house secured by Army elements, in which State Preventive Police agents also participated.

The detainees had firearms and fentanyl.

Cesar is the brother of Lupe Tapia, who was arrested in February of this year in the Tacuichamona syndicate, where their sister is a trustee.

Lupe Tapia is considered a financial and logistical operator for the Sinaloa Cartel.


  1. Haven’t these guys learned by now to stay out of Culiacan? I don’t get it…

    1. yeah they do not learn. its like fishing in a pool and add that they put themselves like clear bright targets. then, they ask who give info like they dont make whole culiacan know what they do.

  2. Cleaning out the house

  3. It would be a lot more better news if either Ismael Zambada García or one of the Chapitos is arrested.

    1. El Mencho is small time. He used to clean Chapo’s cars.

  4. They dont go after mencho as much because his people have whacked military guys. Maybe a tactic the sinaloans need to start using. The current administration preys on the weak.

    1. I am waiting for CJNG vs SEMAR or when the Navy will be the given order to capture or kill Mencho

  5. Seems like a systematic cleaning of that structure. What’s left will get absorbed into the MF/Mayitos faction. With all 4 brothers back in CLN, perhaps they cleaning the way. This has to be authorized by MZ. Just my opinion.


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