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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Blockades Placed Throughout Chiapas By Members of CDS & 'El MAIZ' of CJNG

"Enojon" For Borderland Beat 

Photograph Credit: isain on Twitter (Burnt vehicles placed as a blockade) 

An unidentified armed group blockaded the 211 Highway of Mazapa de Madero in Chiapas on July 31st, 2023, burning two cargo trucks and a livestock transport vehicle over the highway. Alongside the blockade was a narcomanta, written by members of the Sinaloa Cartel, which stated their intent to “liberate” the town of Frontera Comalapa from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. The message read:

Photograph Credit: isain on Twittter (Communication left at the scene)

“Pueblo Oprimido de [Frontera] Comalapa, estamos llegando para liberarlos de la mugre del CJNG. Vamos con todo.

Atte. CDS”

“Oppressed town of [Frontera] Comalapa, we’re here to liberate you from the filth of CJNG. We’re coming with everything.

Sincerely, CDS”

Similar blockades were placed at various points of Frontera Comalapa on July 28th, by members of the Agrarian Indigenous Zapatista Movement (MAIZ), a paramilitary group that has been identified as operatives of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

According to El Universal, members of ‘El MAIZ’ blockaded the Tres Maravillas bridge, a portion of Highway 211 located in the Nuevo México community, the highway that leads towards Nueva Independencia, and various roads leading to the municipalities of Chicomuselo and Motozintla de Mendoza. No motive has been determined for the blockades. El MAIZ is linked to a prior attack against a National Guard base located in the same municipality last January.

 Footage Credit: El Heraldo de Chiapas on Twitter ('El MAIZ' members ransacking a National Guard base) 

The blockades come amid a surge of violence between members of the CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel, stemming from a territorial dispute over Frontera Comalapa, a strategic region that allows criminal organizations to expand their human and drug trafficking operations into Guatemala.

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  1. Good to see you Enojon! Interesting to see the convergence of cartel and Zapatistas.

  2. They don't make them like CDS anymore straight up old school that still conserves they codes and values of respect the town people protect the vulnerable woman and children My highest respect to them soon the filth of CJNG would be filter

    1. 4:14 i guess you like the "values" a PEDO's bring to the table

    2. CDS started all the wars in Mexico 4:14 . They have no code or honor never have ever will. So you can stop playing with your CDs figurines.

    3. The cds they scumbags since chapo got caught

    4. Sometimes I think CDS propaganda is more powerful the United States lol

    5. 1:00 they always been scumbags, even when chapo was out, he was taking advantage of underage girls buddy

  3. Oh god Cartels swear up and down they’re freedom fighters. Fukn scumbags. Those indigenous people were good before they started shoving drugs and fake hugo boss down their throat. Now they prolly have a shit load of wannabe future narcos who instead of working or gettin and education will succumb to the wicked way of organized crime

  4. More violence more murdered more kidnapping more disappeared

  5. Are there any real moments where these guys are really trying to liberate a town or is it just all about taking over that area for financial gain?

    I just want to know if one single time out of all these times these guys actually do something good for the people of a town……….

    One time!!!!!!!!
    Rubio NYC

    1. There are. Also, many towns are well taken care of and protected. There are towns that get (example) 2k pesos/mo just for living there. No extortion, no forcing men to fight, no rape... The individuals that ran many towns like this was los Beltranes. Which is why they were the peoples Dto

  6. Hmmm interesting. See how quickly Chiapas became like every other state? Sad to see.

    Good article Enojon. Chiapas is a state to watch.

  7. CDS are copy cats. Cng started that propaganda in cds plazas 😆

  8. Cartels just advertised their intent, yet Mexico does nothing. In other countries this would of been good intel.

  9. Just because their name has “Zapatista” in it does not mean they are EZLN.


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