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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Army And National Guard Find Huge Narco Lab In Sonora

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from EXCELSIOR



An operation by the Mexican Army and the National Guard managed to locate a huge drug lab used by criminal groups to produce methamphetamines in the municipality of Quiriego in the mountains of Sonora.

The discovery was made by Air Force pilots on Tuesday night, during an aerial reconnaissance overflight in the southern mountainous area of the state.

Once located, the ground troops were guided and the intervention of experts from the Attorney General's Office was requested.

The area was guarded by dozens of soldiers and due to the secrecy with which the matter has been handled, it is not known if there were any detainees, but in the place there were tools, machinery and chemical precursors for the elaboration of millions of doses of methamphetamine in its most commercial form which is crystal methamphetamine.

The Sonora branch of the Attorney General's Office confirmed the discovery and informed that experts are currently working to quantify the magnitude of the seizure.

It was reported that in addition to the drug lab, a considerable amount of synthetic drugs were also seized.

As of Wednesday afternoon, military and FGR personnel were still gathering evidence to proceed with the restriction of the facilities, located 85 kilometers southeast of Ciudad Obregon.

This would be the third of the drug laboratories that have been located in Quiriego in recent months.



  1. We may never know, but can anyone imagine the sheer amount of meth being produced each day throughout ALL of MX??

    I imagine like 500 tons every 24-48 hours…

    1. 12:24 lol 500 tons

    2. 182K - 365K tons per year? that's a lot of meth

    3. Look how cheap meth is in the US, MX and Canada alone.. it’s literally cheaper than a gram of high grade weed.

    4. Look how many 1,000+ loads get caught per year… then consider how much gets through; that tequila load recently was 5,000+

    5. Maybe 15 - 30 tons total if we’re being realistic. At most.

    6. I knew a person pushing a ton a month. Mediocre dude. It think in Sinaloa they produce 2ts per day. (Per Day) If you include all Mx. I would guess 15-20ts per day.

  2. But just last month the Mexican President on National news said that there were no opporating Fentanyl Labs in Mexico and it was just a fabrication from the US..

  3. Y el Gsonora se hactava de que en Sonora nomas jalaban con la coca 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  4. Here is a related article: But what is most interesting are a couple of passages later on in the article:

    ***"According to data from the National Commission Against Addictions ( Conadic ), in the last decade the use of methamphetamine in Sonora, particularly its "crystal" version, has grown by 500%, which explains the social crisis that is being experienced. in the state.

    The reports of addictions by the Youth Integration Centers reveal that seven out of ten people with drug addiction problems consume crystal in the entity, a figure that at the national level is 57%."

    ***"According to the latest National Survey of Public and Urban Security of the National Institute of Geography and Statistics, 45.5% of the inhabitants of Ciudad Obreg贸n have witnessed the sale of drugs in the streets near their homes, which speaks of how the internal market of drugs is in full swing, with all the negative that this implies for the community.

    Just twenty days ago, L贸pez Obrador acknowledged that "in Cajeme is where we have more consumption and more drug dealing."


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