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Friday, August 4, 2023

8 Municipal Officials and Taxi Drivers Massacred in Guerrero Highway

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Among the victims was the local police chief of Xochihuehuetlán and several taxi drivers. The mayor of the town has not provided an official statement of the attack (image credit: Linea Directa Portal) 

The violence in the southern state of Guerrero has been escalating over the past few weeks, and Wednesday witnessed yet another violent incident.

Armed men carried out a brutal massacre on the Chilpancingo-Tlapa highway, deliberately targeting Xochihuehuetlán city council officials, taxi drivers, and innocent civilians. 8 people were killed and at least 3 people were reportedly kidnapped.

Among the victims were notable local figures such as the Director of Public Security, Luigi Arath Ponciano Juárez, and the Director of Public Registry, José Luis Baez Vázquez, along with another employee from the municipal government of Xochihuehuetlan.

Additionally, the incident claimed the lives of two taxi drivers and three other people.

This violent attack unfolded around 8 pm on Wednesday, specifically in the region between the Tres Caminos and Ayotzinapa communities, which falls within the jurisdiction of Tlapa municipality. Local residents have reported that this area has experienced recurrent assaults in the past.

The assault commenced when armed individuals opened fire on a truck owned by the Integral Family Development (DIF) office of Xochihuehuetlán municipality, as well as three taxi cabs.

The police made a grim discovery when they found the bodies of two municipal DIF workers inside the municipal unit. Another injured person who was also present succumbed to their injuries. In addition to this, the attack resulted in injuries to two taxi drivers and a passenger. Both taxi drivers later passed away due to the severity of their injuries.

As a consequence of the violence, the Tlapa-Chilapa transportation service has been suspended until further notice. 

Another incident took place on Monday along the Tlapa-Marquelia highway, near the community of La Concepción. In this separate attack, armed individuals targeted taxi driver Cristino Portillo, who later succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical treatment at the hospital.

On the same day, authorities discovered the lifeless body of yet another taxi driver in a garbage dump located on the outskirts of Tlapa. The victim displayed evident signs of gunshot wounds.

Last month, 5 taxi drivers were murdered by unknown assailants in Chilpancingo and Tixtla. Their cabs were then set on fire.

Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda also has not given an official statement about the attack (image credit: Quadratín)


The authorities have attributed the main cause of the violence to the territorial dispute between the criminal organizations Los Ardillos and Los Tlacos.

They also cited the recent arrest of a transporter leader, Jesús Echeverría Peñafiel, who is believed to be associated with the criminal group Los Ardillos, as a contributing factor to the ongoing tensions.

The arrest occurred last month when Echeverria Penafiel and his associate Bernardo Chávez Cruz were apprehended under suspicion of transporting drugs, firearms, and ammunition.

On the day of Jesus Echeverria Peñafiel and Chavez Cruz's capture, a video surfaced showing a breakfast meeting between the Morena party Mayor of Chilpancingo, Norma Otilia Hernández Martínez, and the leader of Los Ardillos, Celso Ortega Jimenez.

These events have sent shockwaves through the community and have raised concerns about security in Guerrero.

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  1. AMLO please fix the cartel problem . Mexico surpassed China as the top U.S. trading partner. Mexico can have a large economic boom. Dont allow China to destabilize Mexico .
    Fentanyl is China's weapon.
    AMLO take action!

    1. ELMO hasn't done shit to improve the security situation in 4 1/2 years. If you think he's going to improve the security situation now you're dreaming.

    2. 619 AMLO had the corrupt federal police disbanded and replaced with the Guardia Nacional. Their personnel was increased by 90k additional troops and employees. By the end of AMLO's term close to 500 military barracks will be completed. Under AMLO, SEDENA took charge of all air, land, and sea ports of entry. I don't know Detroit, if those aren't improvements to mexicos national security, then maybe you can do better.

    3. Guardia Nacional is just as corrupt as the old Policía Federal

  2. Crazy things unfolding in Guerrero since July... thanks for the background section. I wasn't aware it came from those arrests...

    wasn't the Governor the daughter of someone corrupt?

    1. Her father is also a former gobernador of the state. She's from MORENA. No pasa nada she'll say and the top dog will minimize the insecurities in the state. Pobre México

    2. "Since July"?? Since FOREVER. Guerrero has been the setting for so many massacres. Can't even count em there's been so many

  3. what a horrible time to be a taxi driver in that state. hell, to be almost anyone in that state. seems like everyone is fair game.

  4. Taxi driver in guerrero has to be one of the most dangerous jobs in Mexico. Is anyone tracking this? There has to be over a dozen by now

    1. AMLO doesn't get it:


  5. They kill their fair share of úrbano drivers and the folks that do the micro-bus ruta runs, too..
    Some taxistas in Acapulco drive around all day, but they will only pick up people they know..
    Most drivers live hand-to-mouth and ain't got a pot to piss in, let alone the cash to pay piso to mafia douchebags..
    The shit never ends..

  6. Guerrero always has something going on.. and by "something" I mean indiscriminate murders and massacres.

    1. In that case, all of Mexico has “something” going on….


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