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Saturday, July 15, 2023

Throwback Series: The Backstory of El Roger, Founding Member of Los Metros Faction of the Gulf Cartel

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat (formerly "MX")

Graphics by "HEARST"

Rogelio García García, alias El Roger, was also known by the code name Metro 1. He was known to have multiple aliases. Pictures of him were not available online prior to the publication of this report.

You may have not heard of Rogelio Garcia Garcia (alias El Roger). But south of the US-Mexico border in the mid 1900s, El Roger was sought out by US and Mexican federal authorities for his role in the Gulf Cartel.

Little is known of him and few online sources cover his doings, but El Roger was an important member of the early Gulf Cartel under Osiel Cardenas, and a key player in Osiel's consolidation as the top leader of Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas in 1999.

For this report, Borderland Beat interviewed El Roger's family and traveled to the Mexican state of Tamaulipas to gather sources to piece together El Roger's criminal and personal life. We hope readers enjoy reading through this newly-discovered piece of history of the early Gulf Cartel.

Early career

In the early 1990s, prior to starting his organized crime career, El Roger worked as a photojournalist for the Matamoros daily newspaper El Fronterizo. This newspaper was owned by a relative of Marte Martinez, a suspected money launderer of Gulf Cartel kingpin Juan Garcia Abrego. The job did not pay much, and he picked up an evening hustle as a bartender and security guard at Las Rocas, a bar which Marte also owned. With time he became closer to Marte and was hired as one of his bodyguards.

El Roger joined the Gulf Cartel circa 1995, a year before Gulf Cartel leader Juan Garcia Abrego was arrested and extradited to the United States. These were tumultuous times for the Gulf Cartel, which had been under the control of a dynasty for generations. With no clear leader or successor on the horizon once Garcia-Abrego was arrested, local criminal rings in Matamoros began fighting for control of the Gulf Cartel.

One of the main players in this era was a Matamoros-based trafficker named Angel Salvador Gomez Herrera (alias El Chava). Records consulted by Borderland Beat show that El Chava was a member of the Gulf Cartel in the 1980s, working directly under Rafael Olvera Lopez (alias El Rafles) and Sergio Gomez Villarreal (alias El Checo Gomez) prior to heading his own ring.

El Roger was invited to join the Gulf Cartel by his childhood friend Angel Trinidad Gonzalez Gomez (alias El Trini), who was the third-in-command under El Chava.

Turf wars in Matamoros

The first vendetta recorded in Matamoros after Juan Garcia Abrego’s arrest occurred on 23 March 1996, when El Rafles went missing along with Mario Alberto Alanis and Mario Alberto Garcia (known collectively as Los Marios).

The killings continued and resulted in the death of Checo Gomez and his friend Francisco Pecina Montañez¹ in Valle Hermoso municipality two months later.

Near midnight on 20 August 1997, El Roger was nearly killed in a shootout in Matamoros. According to newspaper records consulted by Borderland Beat, several Gulf Cartel members met at the residence of a local drug trafficker named Jorge Omar Aguilar Gallardo (alias El Nene) to work on a truce.

El Chava Gomez and his men, including El Roger, agreed to meet with rival gang members affiliated with Matamoros drug trafficker Antonio Dávila Cruz (alias El Comandante and/or El Davila).² But the meeting did not go as planned.

When Chava Gomez and El Roger arrived at El Nene's residence, they opened fire at El Davila's men. El Davila, the intended target of the attack, was killed by gunfire; two members of the attacking group, El Roger's friend El Trini and ex-police officer Meliton Montalvo Medina, were killed by El Davila's gunmen.

Multiple of El Davila's men were injured and taken into custody once responding police officers arrived at the scene, including his right-hand man Gudelio Campos Gonzalez (alias El Indio), Joel Alejandro Bermúdez Gonzalez, Ricardo Garza, Arturo Cuello, and Gerardo Campos Garcia.

El Roger, however, managed to escaped unharmed.

With time, he gain the trust of other members of the Gulf Cartel and climbed through the leadership ranks under El Chava Gomez's group. By 1996 El Roger he was the third-in-command under Roberto Torres Martinez (alias El Muertero), one of Chava Gomez's most trusted lieutenants. 

Osiel Cárdenas Guillén became the top leader of the Gulf Cartel in 1999. El Roger worked under him, but both of them began to have disagreements once El Roger expressed interest in retiring from day-to-day operations

El Roger's Ascension

As covered in a previous throwback series by Borderland Beat, the first inner circle of Los Metros was formed by El Roger and members of the Tamaulipas State Police and the Matamoros Municipal Police around 1996. This was around the time that Gulf Cartel leader Osiel Cardenas Guillen had moved back to Matamoros after working as a police officer in Miguel Alemán.

Although El Roger was never a police officer, he was able to consolidate himself as a founding member of Los Metros due to his business acumen and underworld connections.

Through El Chava Gomez, El Roger met Osiel Cardenas and both quickly got along well. By 1999, El Roger decided to leave El Chava's group and form his own ring. El Chava did not support El Roger's decision and gave out the order to murder him. El Roger left Matamoros and sought refuge in Monterrey with Osiel Cardenas's help.

In an unprecedented turn of events, Osiel Cardenas killed El Chava in 1999, earning his notorious alias El Mata Amigos (The Friend Killer). This consolidated him as the top leader of the Gulf Cartel. El Roger would become the second-in-command under Osiel Cardenas soon thereafter.

Downfall and betrayal

El Roger reportedly worked as one of the plaza bosses in Reynosa and Matamoros. His problems started, however, when Osiel Cardenas began to distrust him.

The exact reasons for his fallout with Osiel are unclear, but El Roger's family told Borderland Beat that El Roger's problems with Osiel started when El Roger express interest of "retiring" from the Gulf Cartel. El Roger had already made a fortune during his tenure and wanted to simply move drugs across the border, pay his dues, and no longer be involved in murder.

Osiel Cardenas, however, opposed El Roger's decision to retire from the day-to-day operations. Both often got into heated discussions, to the point where El Roger would no longer answer Osiel's phone calls. This angered Osiel, who was known for his paranoia and short temperament. 

One of El Roger's henchmen, Juan Carlos de la Cruz Reyna (alias El JC and/or Tango 36), was secretly working as an informant for Osiel Cardenas. El JC would inform him of El Roger's drug contacts, his purchases, his whereabouts, the money he made in his plazas, and what he said when Osiel was not around.

A few days before El Roger was killed, a man known as Chuy Espino (alias Comandante Negro) stopped by at El Roger's house to tell him that Osiel Cardenas was planning to kill him. El Roger did not believe him, and due to the previous disagreements that El Roger had with Chuy Espino, he kicked him out of his house.

Osiel Cardenas later called El Roger and told him that he wanted to work out a truce.

"Let's be business partners and equally divide our earnings", Osiel told El Roger, who agreed.

Osiel asked El Roger to look for an available safe house in Matamoros to coordinate a drug delivery. He told him that they would meet there to talk about the peace agreement and new partnership.³

El Roger organized a large party for Osiel in a quinta (estate) near Seccion 16 neighborhood that was known as Punto Caballo (Horse Point). All of Osiel's top lieutenants attended the party, including some of El Roger's business partners and family members.

During the evening Hector Manuel Sauceda Gamboa (alias El Karis and/or El Caris) approached El Roger and told him that he overheard several Zetas members at the restroom saying that they wanted to kill him that evening, but that they decided not to because there were too many people at the party.

"We were going to kill [El Roger] today, but a lot of people came to the party. Tomorrow is better", El Karis told El Roger, quoting exactly what he heard.

But El Roger ignored the warning.


The next morning, on 20 May 2000, El Roger went home and took a shower before heading to a meeting with Osiel. This was the last time most of his family saw him alive.

He headed to the meeting with his brother Roberto Carlos Garcia Garcia (alias El Titino) and his nephew Roberto Vega Garcia (alias Beto Vega). El Roger wanted to go to the meeting alone, but his brother and nephew told him that they would go with him. They drove El Roger's Black Grand Marquis and headed to the house near the Middle School La Técnica 4. When they arrived, El Roger got off the vehicle while El Titino and Beto Vega waited inside.

As soon as El Roger walked into the house, he was shot dead with a bullet through his head by El JC, who was waiting for him at the door. Beto Vega and El Titino were hearing music inside the vehicle but heard a gunshot coming from inside the house.

Then they saw El JC, Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez (alias El Coss) and Victor Manuel Vazquez Mireles (alias El Memeloco) walk out of the door while other Zetas gunmen came out from the adjacent houses. The men did not notice that El Titino and Beto Vega were inside the vehicle because it had tinted windows. But when one of the gunmen opened the passenger door, they killed El Titino while he was surrendered on the ground.

Beto Vega managed to kill El Titino's murderer and barely escaped the incident alive. He was shot three times on his leg and buttocks while jumping across the fence of a nearby school. He played dead for several hours before calling his family and fleeing to the United States. The Gulf Cartel found out he was alive and wanted him dead to cover up the incident. Beto Vega never returned to Matamoros.

El Roger's wife received a phone call that morning from an unknown individual confirming that her husband had been murdered and that they had taken his body to an undisclosed location.

Investigators were never able to locate El Roger's body. But protected witness Francisco Alberto Vázquez Guzmán (codename Rufino) told federal agents that El Roger's and El Titino's bodies were burned at a cartel camp owned by El Memeloco known as Punto Milpa.

Further Reading

¹ Other offline sources refer to him as Francisco Pecina Montaño
² His name is sometimes spelled as Antonio Ávila Cruz (alias El Avila and/or Toño Avila)
³ It is worth noting that Osiel Cardenas was regularly not in Matamoros since the November 1999 standoff with US agents, so he was running the Gulf Cartel remotely. El Roger was also involved in this standoff along with multiple ex-policemen working for the Gulf Cartel.
⁴ Rufino also said that El Titino's partner Nely Peña was reportedly kidnapped and killed after his death

• May 2023 interview conducted by Borderland Beat with El Roger's family

• El Bravo (print archives); El Norte (print archives); Ricardo Ravelo's book

Image credit
Special thanks to El Roger's family for the pictures provided and for Borderland Beat contributor "HEARST" for the image editing

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  1. Congrats for the interview and the detailed story of an understudied era of the CDG. May these throwback series continue, although Im sure they take a long time to produce. Saludos desde Reynosa/mcallen

  2. Osiel, the main traitor of the CDG. Another backstabbing we were not aware of. How many have they been? Chava, Roger, Karis, Caramuela, Yeyo Falcon, and who else?

    1. True. We should probably make a formal list or something. He also apparently "betrayed" or is believed to be behind the death or attacks on following:

      - Rafael Olvera Lopez AKA El Rafles
      - Zeferino Peña Cuellar AKA Don Zefe
      - Dionisio Roman Garcia AKA Chacho
      - Hugo Baldomero Medina Garca AKA Señor de los Trailers
      - Rolando Lopez Salinas AKA El Rolys

      And countless others.

      I also think he may be behind the death of other OG Zetas and even Arturo Guzman Decena AKA Z-1. Thanks for reading!

    2. Los que no cuentan:
      Chacho se paso con los de sinaloa
      El roly se me hace que como chacho se paso
      Pa llegar a ese puesto te tienes que coger a todos. Como abrego wue se cojio al profe oscar olivares. En veces no le pagaba a su gente y cuando la cuenta era grande ponle medio melon o mas los mataba. Profe se me hace que abrego no le pago 2-300k por trabaja de piloto una vez
      Oscar olivares era informante pero unas cosas si eran ciertas que decia

      Que piensan de Z1 ustedes? Aver si saben

    3. 2:36 - You are correct. El Profe had many issues with Juan Garcia Abrego. El Profe ran a casa de cambio in Valle Hermoso I believe, and JGA owned him some dues. But El Profe fled to Brownsville after the Clinica Raya 1984 massacre where El Cacho died and later became an informant. El Profe was being framed for the massacre because two days earlier he had shot El Cacho in the stomach. But it was Garcia Abrego's men who shot up the clinic to kill El Cacho for good and not El Profe.

      Regarding Z1, I have info that he was dragged out of the restaurant by men wearing UEDO uniforms and shot from point-blank range as he was surrendered on the ground. Osiel didn't really like him as some accounts say. What info do you have?

      Gracias por leer herman@ - perdon por responder en inglés, pero lo hago para que otros puedan entender, saludos.

    4. @2:19 wasn't El Rolys killed in the 2018 infighting within BLO presumably by el Gato

    5. Don Zefe was close associate of Osiel Cardenas

    6. @2:57 wasn't Z-1 shot while the Soldiers entered the restaurant in order to arrest him?

    7. 3:09PM

      That's one version of the story. The other version is that he was at one of his gf's house on the toilet when he got killed, right after he left the restaurant. Hence, why flowers were left at the restaurant later.

    8. Y’all are delusional af make up stories and run with chismes alucines say. Karis jajaja Kari’s was killed by Lazcano federal police. Caramuela is the ONLY man in the history of CDG who they through a retirement party for him and let him take care of his brain tumor. Plus he wa a full blown coke head who couldn’t woke right now more. Don Zefe lives in Cuba. Been in Cuba for a very long time. Z1 was killed literally by bad luck. Drawing too much attention soldiers didn’t even know who they had killed. As far as the other ones. They were killed as part of the business. Osiel wnated all the power to himself. And that’s in any cartel. There can’t be several guys with a lot of power.

    9. @ 3:07 PM - Yes but Osiel tried to kill him in September 2000. It was a failed hit.

      3:08 PM - There's a theory that Zefe's attack was planned by El June's supporters and with some of Osiel's backing. I don't buy that he was still in the cartel under Osiel after his October 2001 assassination attempt. He fled the country after that and is still alive but retired.

      3:09PM - That's what most sources say. I have a newspaper from 2002 that interviewed people at the restaurant and they claim he was dragged out and killed outside execution-style. It includes a picture of his body (covered in a blanket) out on the street near the sidewalk.

    10. 3:24 PM - Don Zefe lives north of the border.

    11. Thank you Morogris for the extra information!

    12. @3:24
      The fact that you think Zefe is in Cuba outs you as someone who actually drinks up chismes alucines.

      Everyone knows where he really is. It's barely even a secret.

    13. Morogris, thank you for the info.

      Sister Hearst, thanks for the laugh.

      Morogris, is El Mellado alive or dead? Heard that vato had 9 lives

      Saludos desde Los Angeles- El Nemesis

    14. 3:15 PM - I can tell you for sure that it happened at the restaurant. There's pics I have of his body outside of the restaurant. The restaurant was called "Pisa y Corre" in downtown Matamoros. Maybe the gf lived upstairs or close by?

      4:15 PM - No idea if he's alive. I think not, but I've read rumors that he is. I'm curious if El Chuta is alive too.

    15. Thanks for the great article as always Morogris. Have you posted the photo of Z1 lying under a blanket anywhere?

    16. 3:24 I was also going to bring up Karis and his brother and Don Zefe. I agree with you on most of the individuals mentioned, but not the manner you got at Morogris and co. No need for name calling. Whether you're right or not about your info is up for debate really because we weren't there. Everyone gets things wrong at one point of their lives or another, that's how it is, no one's perfect. Not me, not you, no one. After all the work morogris (great job by the way morog, it's very much appreciated. I was entertained, informed and captivated all at the same time) put into this story, he should be respected and appreciated. We all could talk about events and so on and exchange information. We should pick eachother up, help eachother learn and be more knowledgeable. Not call eachother names just cause you don't agree on what was said. I could understand if they're being disrespectful, but if not why take it there? Just a little food for thought. Hope you and everyone else have a great day. ✌️

    17. @Seregalin - Haven't published elsewhere. But I will in the future when we work on another piece for Z-1.

    18. 4:15 aquí en BB está el artículo de cuando mataron al Mellado, parece que fue en Reynosa.
      Hay fotos de como quedó y en mi opinión si es el. En los comentarios escribieron que lo traicionaron pa quitarle su fortuna y que no se convirtiera en el Jefe de la Plaza.

    19. Al Goyo M2 lo saco a rastras el humer de Reynosa y solo x q les pidieron la atención desde moros es q los dejaron con vida a el y al sapo landin. Salió humillado de Reynosa x el humer y los Z

    20. Y es en efecto el apellido del comandante era Ávila y no era de moros, tenía mucho tiempo ahí y le tenían miedo el chava y el Osiel, x eso es q idearon matarlo para ellos aspirar a ser los grandes del cdg

    21. Y si al sr. Mellado todos hablan de una traición y ual vez si, pero a la fecha su nombre pesa y le respetan a su familia y no les quitaron dinero ni propiedades

  3. Este wey estaba muy joven y verde pa darle la espalda al mata amigos asi. Que penso.
    Era periodista que puedes expectar
    Se le hizo facil al chavo y no pienso

    Ni los mas cercanos de osiel, JC/Meme/Costilla/Z3 le faltaban el respecto Y todos estos eran asesinos al 100%
    Meme y Osiel jugando se echaban cuando andaban cocos o pistos pero pues erancamaradas. el kariz no mas se reia cuando se hiba osiel
    Z3 siempre andaba solo en todo los puteros de Matamoros y siempre se vestia de negro. Las cariñosas le tenian miedo haha. nadie sabia quien era no mas que era mañoso pesado. Tenia un land rover negro en esos tiempos seria los 2004/5
    Ese vato si estaba loco

    Ya la mera verda yo pense que este articulo hiba ser del
    Rogelio Diaz Contreras "El Roger" o "XR"
    hijo del "Rojo" Rogelio Diaz Cuellar
    Por que esos batos todavia andan
    me acuerdo de los corridos de beto quintanila El rojo u El surtidor

    1. 2:29 - A que se debe que todos le tenian miedo a Osiel? De donde salio con tanto poder? Algo paso por ahi del 1996, porque de la nada Osiel empezo a tener un respeto muy grande inclusive entre la policia estatal/local. Pero de maton ya era, desde antes de que elimino El Chava. Creo que BB comento una vez que fue que cuando regreso de Miguel Aleman, tuvo un encuentro con Arturo Pedroza y de ahi empezo el respaldo. Pero la razon por la cual Pedroza apoyo a Osiel no me queda claro. Hasta el mismo Yune cayo y eso que el era de los viejos y con respaldo militar...

    2. Pues cuando uno puede traer y cruzar toda la merca que quisiera ordenar
      Eres practicamente dios
      En el 96' como usted dice agaro poder
      Quien lo mandaria a osiel alli con el? El solo con sus cojones inteligencia y plata o ceria algo/algien mas que le abrio el camino.
      Se acuerda que osiel abia pedido la retirara de agentes de los E.U que andaban viviendo y observando en Matamoros sin que nadie los tocaro Nunca se dieron cuenta de que agencia eran esos agentes ni arrestaban ni tenian armas no mas obserbaban. Gentes officiales de la E.U como wue no pueden haver eso pero estos como y a wye agencia pertenecian. Nunca se supo

      alla en la sucursal de Calí los hermanos orijuela abian caido el 95'
      esa gente a la ves necesitaban feria
      tal vez los subtenientes de ellos necesitaban un pesado como ocg

    3. A Rolando Gomez lo mata en Nuevo Laredo pa ganarle con la werita hilda y a los sicarios los matan en Miguel Aleman El senor mata amigos

    4. Solo un periodista??? El Roger ya se la habia rifado varias veces y habia tumbado a varios. Para que lo manden con Decena, el Lazca, entre otros, a barrar algun objetivo te deberia de decir a que nivel estaba este disque "periodista". El sabia que estaba en peligro, por eso creo que le dijo a su hermano y sobrino que todo estaba bien, que no fueran con el. No queria que les pasara algo por su culpa. Este señor era leña. No es que se le hiso facil, es que era hombre, algo que talvez nunca entenderas.

    5. Así es 2:13. Yo soy de Matamoros y por ahí de finales de los noventa y principios de los dos mil se sabía mucho del Roger si andabas en esos pasos. No por nada como ud dice lo metieron con los pesados. El único que hizo eso sin ser ex poli o militar fue Memeloco pero el era amigo de infancia de Osiel. El mismo Chava sabía que Roger era bueno. Chava tenía bien ojo.

  4. Fascinating article thank tou

  5. was el Guerrero Z-5 killed by Osiel orders aswell?

    1. No one knows for certain but that's a strong theory. Osiel apparently didn't like him because he wasn't low-profile.

      More on his background here:

  6. Good stuff Morogris / Mx.

  7. So el JC Tango 36 / Zeta 36 was seemed to be snitch for Osiel... Didn't surprised me if why he was put as Plaza boss in Tampico.... el JC was involved in 1999 raid of el Rolys residence in November, 1999 back when Z1 and Z3 entered his Safehouse and Z3 end up shooting gastank

  8. According to the Testimony of el Betancourt / Z-2 (YERALDIN) el Rogor together with El Fox alongside with El Z-1, el Traca Z-10 and rest of Zetas were involved in the liberation of el Meme Loco in January, 1999, back when CDG and Zetas gunmen dressed in PGR uniforms seized the police truck where el Meme Loco was held at and overwhelmed the Police Guards, back when el Meme Loco was being transported from Prison to Reynosa court

    1. Do you have the link to the file? Was it the once published by Contralinea many years ago?

    2. Yes published by contralinea, aswell el Traca Z-10 was mentioned aswell, El Roger, Fox etc... By Z-2 P.W. YERALDIN
      EL TRACA committed suicide by suprise in December, 2001 after winning grand marquis sedan..

    3. @lzzl - It would be nice to have that federal file. I'll see if BB can request it to the government and we can republish it here with a full translation.

  9. I believe this Rafles guy was an ex military guy under Garcia Abrego right?

    1. Correct. El Rafles was a former Mexican Navy captain. He started out as a bodyguard of Juan Garcia Abrego and Luis Medrano. He went on missing 28 March 1996.

    2. That would be lovely.

  10. Tan chingon


  12. The color photo of El Roger where he is sitting with Beto Vega, does not look like the M1 that is in the b&w photo of the founders of Los Metros.

    1. In that article we did mention that there were two Metro 1s, Lorenzo Cuellar Botelo and Rogelio Garcia Garcia (the subject of this article).

      Rogelio is the original Metro 1 of Los Metros. Lorenzo was part of a group known as Los Pedraza, a NL group that was absorbed by the Gulf Cartel.

      Back when we wrote the previous throwback series, we cited both but we did give the hint that Rogelio was actually the Metro 1 of Los Metros. If you scroll down you'll see Rogelio's picture as unidentified.

    2. That being said, that picture of Metro 1 / Lorenzo had not been published before so we were eager to get it out there.

      Metro 1 / Rogelio's picture was harder to find and it would have been impossible without his family sharing it with us.

  13. How old is El Roger in the pic with his relative?? Dude looks young there...barely 25 I'd say

    1. He died in his early 30s so yes, likely in his mid 20s or something. I have other pictures of him wearing a ring after marriage/engagement, so it much have been many years back.

  14. Con el debido respeto, verifiquen los datos q dan a conocer. Así evitan q sean "chismes" d quienes piensan, se imaginan, o que alguien les platico.

    Si, si trabajo con MM pero aún no era miembro, era solo un "guardia de seguridad" en el club hasta que se incorporó, con los meses creció ya que el núcleo del señor que los comandaba era muy cerrado.

    Xq se tomó la decisión de terminar con su vida, xq después de Kelin, se le dió la encomienda de la playa y le metió goles a sus "amigos" cosa q es imperdonable.Y si "Betillo" logro brincar a USA dónde el vivía.

    En esos ayeres había , Comandante, Sub-delegado y Delegado de las fuerzas federales y con quién creen que el nuevo líder tenía amistad?Hasta dónde cubría su zona?
    A todos los "potentes" de la zona se les hizo saber que "habemus" nuevo líder y que se arrimaran a hacer arreglos. Quienes no lo hicieron aun viven?

    No olviden que el hombre más cercano fue quien no quizo ser el líder de los "Ms" por no descuidar a su gran amigo y patrón. Siendo así que se le delego la misión al Señor de la Obrera.

    1. Literalmente solo leíste algunos datos del reporte para decir “si, esto si” y luego “no, esto no”. Jajaja pero te invito a que realmente traigas pruebas. Como tu lo has hecho, nadie realmente sabe o lo puede comprobar. Pero Roger si era de alto mando, para eso si se sabe. El mismo era de los pistoleros más importantes porque estuvo en el encontronazo con los gentes de EU en el 1999. Además de liberar a Memeloco con otros Zetas, etc. recuerda que muchos de estos Metros originales se cambian claves. Pero El Roger si decían que era Metro 1. Si hubieras estado en el foro antiguo que tenían aquí te acordarías. Con todo respeto.

    2. 6:02 - There are reliable, third-party published sources (but offline) that confirm that El Roger was one of Gulf Cartel's highest-ranking men. Mexican federal files 1694/MPFEADS/99 and 1420/MPFEADS/2000 mention El Roger as a top Osiel lieutenant and drug supplier. I've been trying to get a hold of these files but I have newspapers from the early 2000s that cover some of it.

      Whether he was a Matamoros Metro or not or his exact clave will likely never be known with absolute certainty. All I can say is his Metro 1 status was mentioned in some of the old sites / forums including BBs back in the late 2000s, and I've asked around over the years and sources told me it may have been Roger. We could be totally wrong here since Roger had multiple aliases.

      Who do you think Metro 1 was? I can tell you it wasn't Mario CG because his M1 is for Grupo Los Marinos, but it is often confused with Metro 1.

      Thanks for reading!

    3. See what you've caused Morogris???!!! Nothing but great comments and conversations that are related to the topic. How dare you😁.... Keep it comiing señor Matamoros. Your work is satisfyingly amazing and appreciated. Thank you for your contributions. Much respect!

    4. That's cold when your body is disappeared at a place owned by a n individual you help escape from jail. Cold!!!

  15. Excellent read, thank you.

  16. How, or why, is this basically the same exact article as seen here? Chicken or egg?

    1. We published it first (15 July 2023). They published it 3 days later.

      Also, if you read their article, they cited it as "un reportaje de Borderland Beat".

      You'll find the most exclusive early CDG info here, rest assured about that. 😉

  17. So whatever happened to Beto Vega?

  18. fantastic work Morogris. Great to see your work back on the front page.


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