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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Son of Colombian President Petro Arrested in Drug Money Laundering Investigation Tied to Political Contributions

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The son of the Colombian president has been arrested as part of a high-profile money-laundering investigation into funds he allegedly collected from convicted drug traffickers during last year’s presidential campaign.

The President, Gustavo Petro, a former M-19 rebel who rose through Colombia’s political ranks as an anti-corruption crusader, said he would not interfere with the investigation.

Petro said “As an individual and father, it pains me to see so much self-destruction and one of my sons going to jail. As president of the republic, I’ve assured the chief prosecutor’s office that it will have all of the guarantees so it can proceed according to the law.”

The arrest of Nicolás Petro is a large blow to the government, which has been buffeted by conservative attacks at the same time as it has struggled to maintain bipartisan support for Colombia in the US, a longtime ally in the “war on drugs” and the fight against illegal armed groups. Peace talks with groups including FARC Dissidents, ELN, and the Clan del Golfo have been tenuous since Petro took office.

The investigation stems from declarations made by Nicolás Petro’s ex-wife, Daysuris del Carmen Vásquez, to the local media outlet Semana this year.

In the interview, Vásquez said she was present at meetings when her husband arranged a donation of more than 600m pesos (about $100,000) from a politician once convicted in Washington, DC of drug trafficking and who was seeking the Petro campaign’s support to resume his political career.

She said President Petro was unaware of his son’s dealings and that the money he collected in his campaign’s name was kept in a safe at the couple’s home in the coastal city of Barranquilla. Nicolás Petro has denied his ex-wife’s claims and said they were unfounded.

The chief prosecutor’s office said in a statement that Nicolás Petro and his ex-wife were taken into custody on orders of a court in Bogotá at about 6:00 AM local time on Saturday. It said that prosecutors would seek their provisional detention once they were brought before a judge while it investigated the two for money laundering.

Source The Guardian


  1. Never directly. Always through an intermediary. Plausible deniability.
    Con dinero bailan los perros.

    1. That’s how they play their game, my amigo!

  2. Elect a communist terrorist as president and this is what you get, scandal upon scandal.

    1. @1.19 You are not Detroit. The old Detroit understood what ''Communist'' meant. And what ''terrorist' meant.
      I apologise for all my shit directed at Detroit, his account is being used by a right wing nephew who has never lived, let alone seen any kind of battle. Again, to the real Detroit, I apologise. (Break my Legs)

  3. Petro is gone get arrested the moment he ain't in power anymore I wouldnt discard he has a seal indictament in the USA dude better star preparing to escape to a non extradition country ASAP
    -Abogado de la Pulga-

  4. Don't worry in the usa con dinero baila el perro too

    1. 3:01 Simon pero primero los delincuentes bailan como perros, les sacan bastantes millones y luego hasta de chivas los traían en las cortes😆😂🤣

  5. The Hunter Biden of Columbia.


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