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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Pantelhó, Chiapas: An Armed Anonymous Group Threatens Grupo Machete

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An Autonomous Group confirms having taken control of the town of Pantelhó and asks the National Guard to expel the members of the El Machete Group. As well as the members of the Municipal Council.

Video translation is as follows:

Today, July 3, 2023, we address the state and federal government to communicate from the group of residents of the 86 communities and neighborhoods. We have seized the town of Pantelhó in order to expel the criminal group of El Machete along with their municipal council Machete. 

This is on account of the fact that there have been many abuses and murders. We say to the National Guard, the Army, and the State Prosecutor's Office who protect these assassins again. As they did in July 2021 when they took and disappeared 21 innocent civilians that we will respond to such impunity and outrage on the part of El Machete and the Municipal Council. 

As well as the state justice authorities. That is why we demand the immediate dismissal of the Machete Municipal Council, an arrest warrant, and immediate arrests of the following people for the murders and disappearances of the 21 civilians. As well as for the murderers of innocent people in the municipality of Chenalhó. 

We want Alberto Gonzalez Santiz president councilman for Machete, Victor Manuel Gutierrez Gonzalez representative councilman, Javier Mendez Velazco, Daniel Lopez Mendez, Reynaldo Ruiz from the town of Polhó, murderer of children and innocent people in Polhó and Pantelhó, Fernando Perez Ruiz, Abraham Gonzalez Santiz aka El Machete, brother of the mayor’s Councilman, Juan Mendez, Gomez, Juan Ricardo Luna Lopez, Roberto Gomez Hernandez, Líbano Abarca, Hilario Osco, Ernesto García, and Gulmaro Méndez from the daily committee of the municipal seat removed. 

Sicarios scream in unison:! We want them removed!

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  1. God dam how many cartel groups are there in MX now ?!! You should do a story on all the different new groups and their affiliations. And I been waiting on and update for Chapo Isidro. Still confused if he’s the BLO boss or La Oficina.

    1. Chapo isidro is overrated. He's not no menthol, chapo or NAYO.
      He's small time compared to them

    2. Chapo Isidro has a 5 million dollar bounty on his head, way more than Barbie had. I would say he's a bit underrated.

    3. definitely underrated

  2. They're not smart.

  3. Surely mexico has gotten worse in terms of gangs and cartel growth under AMLO. Look at CJNG you would have thought a big priority would be to dismantle a militarized group such as them but they have grown in power ?

    1. The only way for cartels to have that much power is for government to assist them.
      Just look at CDS and how the gringos gave them a greenlight to distribute loads of drugs in exchange for them switching on someone else


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